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Credit card purchases, NFT games and cryptocurrencies – the news in the crypto world

In the crypto space, innovations are constantly coming to market. Even during the recent crypto crash, this has not stopped. Various new cryptocurrencies and NFT games keep the market moving and inspire users even in times of crisis. What’s the news in the crypto world? And with what advantages can they convince?

NFT purchases with Mastercard finally possible

After Visa is already represented on the market with crypto credit cards, the payment service provider Mastercard is now following suit with an exclusive news. NFT purchases have been possible with standard Mastercard credit cards since mid-June. Until now, you had to be in possession of cryptocurrencies and a wallet to be able to buy tokens. This is no longer necessary. NFTs can now be easily purchased using a credit card on an online marketplace. The news from Mastercard simplifies the purchase of non-fungible tokens and thereby opens up the crypto world to a larger target audience.

The payment service provider has teamed up with crypto trading platform Coinbase for this service. They are also partnered with other leading marketplaces such as The Sandbox, Immutable X and MoonPay. It is finally possible for anyone to buy NFTs online and pay for them with a credit card, just like buying a jacket or a book.

The new NFT games on the market

The gaming market in the crypto industry is booming. Despite the crypto crash, interest in this area has hardly been lost. According to DappRadar, NFT Games should only record a 5% loss. This is nothing compared to the 50% loss in the general crypto market. There are more and more games on the market that inspire both young and old. New games released this year include Lucky Block, Battle Infinity, Rainmaker, RaceFi, STEPN and a new version of Mines of Dalarnia. In particular, Lucky Block and STEPN were able to establish themselves in the market.

STEPN convinces with a move-to-earn concept. This is a subcategory of play-to-earn where you can earn money by playing. In contrast, in move-to-earn, profits are earned by walking or jogging. At STEPN you have the opportunity to buy digital jogging shoes. These aren’t very cheap, but if you walk a lot, the purchase is well worth it.

Lucky Block launched earlier this year and launched a new NFT collection: Platinum Rollers Club NFTS. Owning such a non-fungible token has several advantages. Not only is it a rare collector’s item (there are only 10,000 copies), but as an owner you also participate in daily contests. So the game belongs to the play-to-earn projects and is already on the verge of becoming the most popular in 2022.

In addition to these two games, there is another novelty on the gaming market. After well-known gaming service provider Gamestop launched its own crypto wallet in May, it is now opening its own NFT marketplace. According to The Verge, Gamestop is said to offer over 53,000 NFTs in over 200 collections. With a wallet – like the one launched by the retailer itself – the NFTs can be bought.

The new and promising cryptocurrencies

The new cryptocurrencies include those that entered the market hand in hand with the new NFT games. These include Lucky Block Token (LBLOCK) and Battle Infinity Token (IBAT). IBAT has only been available since last month and has already sold several coins. During the presale, around 1.33 million US dollars were traded with the coins within just three weeks. The Battle Infinity Token therefore shows clear potential for the future.

LBLOCK has also already yielded promising gains. The company also launched an LBLOCK V2 in July. Since LBLOCK V1 is based on the Binance Smart Chain, listing on centralized exchanges was more difficult than expected. So they quickly came up with a solution: LBLOCK V2. This should only be used on centralized exchanges.


The variety of news brings new momentum to the crypto world and ensures that it does not disappear completely during a crypto winter. Developments in the fields of crypto, NFTs and blockchain are progressing with no end in sight. We can therefore expect many new inventions in this area in the future. This way, crypto enthusiasts can constantly enjoy something new and not lose the fun of investing.


Maximilian Schmidt is CEO of CPI Technologies. The company develops the NFT-based digital identity products and also specializes in software development in the areas of blockchain, finance and AI as well as marketing and fundraising.

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