Hunan Friendship, Apollo Commercial News: Buy Shares Now?

What is the P/E for Hunan Friendship, Apollo Commercial?

The lower a stock’s price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, the cheaper it appears at first glance. Growth stocks tend to have higher P/E ratios. With a score of 76.16, Hunan Friendship & Apollo Commercial is at a level similar to the industry average. The exact distance is currently 0 percent with an average P/E for the “multiline retail” industry of 0. The stock therefore receives a “hold” based on fundamental criteria.

Relative Strength Index and its current data

For stocks, technical analysis also looks at the relationship between a price’s upward and downward movements over time and plots this for a 7-day period in the Relative Strength Index. Based on this so-called RSI, Hunan Friendship & Apollo Commercial is currently neither overbought nor sold at a value of 67.24. Therefore, this signal is classified as Hold. Extending the relative movement to 25 days (RSI25) gives the stock a reading of 56.21. This is considered a signal that the stock is neither considered overbought nor oversold. The classification on this basis is therefore “Hold”. Overall, this results in a “Hold” rating for RSI.

Hunan Friendship, Apollo Commercial and the moving averages

The 200-day moving average (GD200) for Hunan Friendship & Apollo Commercial is currently at 3.56 CNH. This gives the stock a buy rating considering that the share price itself closed at CNH 4.18, building a lead of +17.42 percent. The ratio is different compared to the moving average price for the past 50 days. GD50 has currently assumed a level of 4.4 CNH. This again corresponds to the current difference of -5 percent for the Hunan Friendship & Apollo Commercial stock and thus a “hold” signal. The overall result based on the two periods is therefore “Buy”.


Hunan Friendship, Apollo Commercial: That’s what the feeling says

With our analysis, strong positive or negative fluctuations in internet communication can be identified precisely and at an early stage. However, the mood for Hunan Friendship & Apollo Commercial has deteriorated significantly in recent weeks. We give the stock a “sell” rating for this. Discussion power measures market participants’ attention on social media. For Hunan Friendship & Apollo Commercial, our programs have not measured any exceptional activity over the past four weeks. Hunan Friendship & Apollo Commercial gets a “Hold” rating for it. Overall, the stock is therefore rated as a “sell” at this level.

Hunan Friendship & Apollo Commercial currently has a P/E ratio of 0.29. This results in a negative difference of -3.55 percent to the average of comparable companies in the “multiline retail” sector. Therefore, Hunan Friendship & Apollo Commercial received a “Sell” rating from our analysts for this dividend policy today.

For comparison: What price return does the share give?

Compared to the average annual performance of stocks from the same sector (“Consumer Discretionary”), Hunan Friendship & Apollo Commercial is more than 30 percent higher with a return of 22.29 percent. The “Multiline retail” industry has an average return of -11.98 percent over the past 12 months. Here too, Hunan Friendship & Apollo Commercial is significantly higher with 34.26 percent. This very good performance of the stock over the past year leads to a “buy” rating in this category.

Buy, Hold or Sell – Your Hunan Friendship, Apollo Commercial Analysis Dated 15/08 gives the answer:

How will Hunan Friendship, Apollo Commercial develop now? Is an entry worth it, or should investors rather sell? Find out the answers to these questions and why you should act now in the latest Hunan Friendship, Apollo Commercial analysis.

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