Genesis GV60 – Crystal Sphere: more than design

The Genesis GV60 sets new design standards in the premium segment – and the Crystal Sphere transmission control is one of its most distinctive features, embodying the brand’s design approach to luxury and ergonomics.

Located in the floating center console, the Chrystal Sphere acts as a jewel in the GV60’s spacious cockpit, which is inspired by the Korean philosophy of “beauty of white space”.

Modernity in form and function in the Genesis GV60

When the GV60’s electrical systems are turned off, the Crystal Sphere becomes part of the ambient lighting; when the doors are opened, it welcomes the occupants with a soothing glow.

Since an electric car is very quiet, it is difficult for the driver to tell that it is ready to drivesays Luc Donckerwolke, Chief Creative Officer at Genesis. “Our engineering and design teams have worked closely together to create this unique feature that brings the GV60 to life at the push of a button. This combination of form and function embodies Genesis’ commitment to providing riders with unique technologies and quality design.

After launch, the Crystal Sphere rotates 180 degrees and acts as a gear control.

After the driver presses the start button, the Crystal Sphere rotates 180 degrees, revealing the controls for the shift-by-wire transmission, creating an exciting atmosphere of futuristic mobility. When shifting into the desired gear, the driver receives haptic feedback, including a subtle vibration when shifting between forward and reverse gears.

When functionality and safety meet innovative design

The Crystal Sphere also acts as a safety feature, as it clearly shows the vehicle’s current status – important for such a silent vehicle, where otherwise only the displays in the instrument cluster provide information. The fact that the Crystal Sphere cannot be turned to driving mode when charging and lights up red when in reverse gear also contributes to safety.

Outstanding craftsmanship and the use of the latest technologies make the Crystal Sphere a striking example of Genesis’ commitment to setting new standards in the premium segment. The crystal ball is made of real glass and has a laser-etched G-Matrix pattern on the inside. This characteristic design feature is further emphasized by the soft lighting.

Its role as a transmission controller makes the Crystal Sphere more than an eye-catching decorative element. Therefore, the engineers have given the highest priority to durability and ease of use. All elements have been subjected to cycle tests in high and low temperature environments to ensure that the coupling unit can withstand heavy loads.

Genesis GV60
The Genesis GV60 starts at just over 56,000 euros and can already be ordered.

As the centerpiece of the interior, Crystal Sphere transmission control is standard on all GV60 models. In addition, the premium brand’s first electric car offers unique technologies such as advanced driving safety systems, a 12.3-inch infotainment screen and wireless smartphone charging.

The GV60 can be ordered in the two equipment lines Sport or Sport Plus at prices starting at 56,370 euros. Customers can use the online configurator to put together their desired model with a range of optional packages, interior materials and wheels.

NewCarz says:

Design is an important aspect of cars, whether inside or out. However, this innovative development not only offers much to the eyes of the inclined observer, but also combines appearance with functionality. This is exactly what keeps producing evolutionary milestones. Let’s just remember things like BMW’s i-Drive, which was initially viewed with suspicion and then copied countless times.

Text: NewCarz/Genesis – Photos: Genesis

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