Decentralized Platform: Metaverse Innovations Despite Crypto Winter: SandStorm Launches “Proposal and Bid” Marketplace for Metaverse Builders | news

• SandStorm platform designed to bring metaverse builders and businesses together
• Digital Creators can seek tenders from companies
• The Metaverse industry experienced a crisis in the first half of 2022 – but optimism

What has been common practice in analog construction projects for centuries should now also be possible for the Metaverse industry: provision of concrete construction projects for experts from all over the world to apply for. But how do Metaverse project offerings work? And what are the benefits of the new SandStorm platform for digital creators?


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SandStorm: Marketplace for Metaverse building projects

Although the builder SandStorm was only founded in 2021, it has already become an important intermediary for thousands of Metaverse builders. SandStorm is now pursuing another ambitious goal: SandStorm wants to organize the largest “Proposal and Bid” platform for Metaverse construction projects. The platform, which has already been launched, aims to ensure that the demand for branded campaigns in metaverses such as The Decentraland or Sandbox meets offers from the best digital creatives in the world. Global players such as McDonald’s or Walmart, but also small companies and private individuals can post an offer in SandStorm, which digital minds can then turn to – a bit like a construction company trying to find architects. The SandStorm platform differentiates digital builders based on skills, availability, communication, quality, deadlines and teamwork.

This is how the platform works

Companies can submit a bid to create an experience or construction project in The Sandbox, Decentraland and soon five more virtual worlds. Individual builders and development studios from around the world then submit bids through their SandStorm profile. Companies can then select their desired team with guidance from SandStorm. Once construction is complete, a transactional NFT (TNFT) is sent to all involved builder profiles. This allows the builders to communicate their role in the project and promote the building brand to their followers. Brand partners and builders review each other after the project is completed to ensure that everyone involved has had the best possible experience.

CEO: “SandStorm creates conditions in a more digital world”

Steve McGarry, CEO of SandStorm, highlights the advantages of the platform: “The physical workplace has become less important for many of us over the past two years. At SandStorm, we believe that the future of work depends primarily on the skills of the individual and their ability to work in a team within the Metaverse As we move towards a more digital society, abilities to create assets for multiple virtual worlds presented in a SandStorm profile will become job search requirements, McGarry said in a press release from the company.

SandStorm CBO Matt Saricicek adds, “SandStorm aims to lower the barrier to entry for brands, as the minimum budget to submit an offer is $1,000 for a small group of assets. Once approved, these proposals will face multiple 2,000+ verified builders live to bid on projects of all sizes.” The platform is especially aimed at newcomers: “This is only the tip of the iceberg; there are countless other smart and creative people around the world who are new to Web3 and multiply the existing community and experiences on Web3 a thousandfold. these incredible artists inspire us and we are very excited to contribute to this movement,” Saricicek is quoted as saying in the press release.

However, there is still some way to go before the American company SandStorm achieves a market breakthrough. Currently, there are only 25 web designers registering each day, but by mid-2023 this significant number should increase to between 130 and 170.

Metaverse: mega trend or mirage?

The Metaverse hype reached a temporary peak in late 2021, since then falling prices of Bitcoin, Ether and Co. as well as the general crisis in the tech sector and the prospects for innovations around Web3 have been a burden. Companies that are particularly involved in the Metaverse – such as Meta Platforms above all – are currently unable to convince investors with their expensive investments in the supposed future market.

Nevertheless: many market experts still consider the outlook for Metaverse to be excellent. JPMorgan estimates that virtual reality social media will be worth $8 billion by 2030, according to News Direct. If these optimistic projections actually come true, SandStorm could become a hugely important career matchmaking platform a la LinkedIn — ultimately worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


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