Accident in a ride at a children’s market: Young man injured

The incident happened in a ride suitable for children aged 4 and over at the Gäubodenfest in Straubing. – Photo: dpa

A young man was injured in a children’s ride at the folk festival Gäuboden in Straubing at the weekend. The reasons are still unclear – the police are therefore appealing for witnesses.

As officials announced on Monday, the incident took place late Sunday night during a tour of the eastern area of ​​the Gäuboden folk festival. A man in his mid-20s was slightly injured and required medical attention.

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Only on Thursday there was a serious accident on a slide in Legoland Gümnzburg. More than 30 people were injured, including ten children. According to a police spokesman, the ride in Straubing, which is now affected, is more of a pushchair than a slide and is already suitable for children aged four and over.

How did the accident happen? The police are appealing for witnesses

The background to how the damage occurred is still unclear, it was said on Monday afternoon. Straubing police supervision began the investigation that evening. An initial inspection of the ride revealed no technical faults. A technical expert was involved in the police investigation and also found no technical defects at the site.

According to a police spokesman, witness statements recorded so far are partly contradictory. Therefore, further investigations are carried out. The police are also asking folk festival visitors who can provide information about the course of the incident to contact Straubing Police Supervision on 09421/868-0.

A few accidents on rides lately

In addition to the incidents at Legoland and the Gäuboden Folk Festival, there have been other recent accidents in festival and theme park rides:

Ejected while driving: fatal slide accident in Rhineland-Palatinate: At the beginning of August, a woman fell from a rolling slide in an amusement park in the Mosel town of Klotten and was fatally injured. The 57-year-old died at the scene despite attempts to revive her. According to the prosecution, documents on the slide have been made available by both the supervisory authority and the operator. They are currently being assessed and witnesses are also being interviewed.

Accident in the children’s carousel: girl (3) seriously injured at a folk festival in the Bavarian forest: The visit to the Freyunger Volksfest on Tuesday for a three-year-old girl ended in hospital on 26 June. It was seriously injured on an amusement ride. During the trip, the child stood up, lost his balance and fell to the ground. A following vehicle rolled over the child.

Boys injured on go-kart track in Churpfalzpark: During a trip on the go-kart track in Churpfalzpark Loifling (Cham district), an accident occurred in May, in which a six-year-old boy was slightly injured. Due to the “existing danger from inadequate vehicles and installations on the course”, use was temporarily prohibited – and other rides in the park were temporarily no longer allowed to operate.

14-year-old hit by a trip at Maidult in Regensburg and seriously injured: A boy was hit by a ride at a folk festival in Regensburg in mid-May and was seriously injured.

About Regensburg Maidult: Two passengers “forgotten” in the Ferris wheel gondola: Nightmare at high altitudes: According to his own statement, two passengers were still in the Ferris wheel at Regensburger Dult when the operator left the site at 11 p.m.

Amusement ride injures girl and man at spring festival in Ansbach: A girl and a man were injured in a ride accident in May at a spring festival in Middle Franconia. The rotating platform hit a 39-year-old employee on the foot, the police in Ansbach said on Wednesday. As a result, he fell on Tuesday and fell on an 11-year-old and her father.

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