Top activities in Dortmund: outdoors, as a couple or as a family with children

In addition to fantastic sights, Dortmund also has many cool activities to offer. This list provides tips on what to do today.

Dortmund – Dortmund is almost always worth a visit. If the sights of Dortmund or the shopping offers in the city center are not enough for you, you still have a huge selection of activities. Because in Dortmund you will find action, tranquility or sporting challenges in many places.

town Dortmund
Location Zoo, district park, escape room, indoor playground, BVB stadium
activities Climbing, stadium tour, walking, swimming

Activities in Dortmund: Revierpark Wischlingen is the perfect destination for a trip for two or with children

When the weather is good, there are many outdoor activities in Dortmund. Outside, you can enjoy yourself for two or let your children frolic.

If you want to have fun and play outdoors during your activities, you’ve come to one Visit to Revierpark Wischlingen In good hands. There is, among other things, a climbing garden as well as disc golf and an adventure golf course, where children can also let off steam.

Revierpark Wischlingen in Dortmund is being renewed.

© Florian Forth/RUHR24

If you’re looking for a little more peace and quiet – for example for a date for two – you can relax in the Revierpark Wischlingen am See or go for a walk in the adjacent Hallerey nature reserve. There is also a brine pool with sauna at the main entrance, and the nearby skating rink is open in winter.

Regional Park Wischlingen in Dortmund

Entrance: free of charge

Activities: Disc golf, climbing garden, brine pool, ice rink (partly for a fee)

Address: Höfkerstrasse 12 or Wischlinger Weg, 44149 Dortmund

Activities in Dortmund: Stadium Tour through the BVB Temple

In addition to Dortmunder U and the Florian tower in Westfalen Park, the BVB stadium south of the city center is one of the city’s landmarks. At a Tour of the stadium in Borussia Dortmund you can also see places that are otherwise only accessible to players, staff or the press. You can now choose from a number of different tours, including a walking tour, the express tour or a barrier-free tour.

A tour of the BVB stadium takes you to the edge of the pitch.

© Friso Gentsch/dpa

A special highlight of the stadium tour at Signal Iduna Park: visitors are usually allowed to take their seats in the dressing room of BVB professionals and on the coaches’ bench directly on the hallowed turf.

BVB stadium tour in Dortmund

Entrance: from 9 euros

Duration: 60 minutes to 2 hours

Opening hours: on selected days, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m

Address: Strobelallee 54, 44139 Dortmund

Activities in Dortmund: The indoor children’s playground is worth a visit even when the weather is bad

Unfortunately, the weather in Dortmund is often quite changeable. When it rains, visitors must therefore switch to indoor activities. But the city in the Ruhr area also has a lot to offer here.

They are especially popular with children indoor playgrounds. There are two of them in Dortmund:

  • mini planet (Overhoffstrasse 171, Dortmund)
  • Monkeytown (Schlägelstrasse 58, Dortmund)

Both indoor playgrounds in Dortmund offer, among other things, slides, trampolines and climbing equipment for children. You can also celebrate birthdays there. Parents can also pass the time there with a cup of coffee while the offspring plays.

The indoor playgrounds in Dortmund ask visitors to bring their own socks. There are also other good excursion destinations with children in Dortmund.

Indoor playgrounds in Dortmund


Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m

Entrance: 8.90 euros (from 3 years), 6 euros (1 to 2 years), parents (4.50 euros).

mini planet

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 14:00 to 19:00; Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m

Entrance: 8.50 euros (from 2 years); 4.50 euros (adults over 16)

Cool activities today in Dortmund: Escape room and “Game” hall is open (almost) every day

Revierpark, zoo and BVB stadium are nice. But can you also do something cool in Dortmund today? But of course! There are more in Dortmund escape room and one arcade hall of a different kind. Most of them are located in or near the city center and can therefore be quickly reached from the main railway station.

There are these escape rooms in Dortmund:

  • Enigmania (Grafenhof 7, 44137 Dortmund)
  • Key and Free 1 (Westenhellweg 22-24, 44137 Dortmund)
  • Key and free 2 (Westfalendamm 77, 44141 Dortmund)
  • Exit (Kaiserstrasse 129, 44143 Dortmund)

Prices for escape rooms in Dortmund vary depending on the provider and the number of participants. As a rule, you pay at least 20 euros per round per person.

Escape rooms are now also very popular in Dortmund. (symbol photo)

© Zuma Wire/Imago

This takes a slightly different approach “Gamers” in Dortmund. There, visitors can compete in several skill games right in the city center (Schliepstrasse 4). Entrance costs 22 euros per person, non-alcoholic drinks are included.

If this is too expensive as a leisure activity, there are also free excursion destinations for families in Dortmund.

Activities in Dortmund: Zoo is open daily for tours with children

One of the best destinations for a trip with children is Zoo in Dortmund. It is located just off the B54 in the south of the city and offers plenty to see throughout the day with more than 200 species of animals. It is always worth a visit, especially for families with children. In addition to Dortmund, we have summarized other zoos and zoos in NRW for you.

In addition to sloths, giraffes and monkeys, there are numerous other animals to see up close at Dortmund Zoo. In addition, there is, among other things, information about the illegal keeping of exotic animals such as slow lorises. However, it is forbidden to bring your own pets, with the exception of service dogs.

Visit to Dortmund Zoo

Opening hours: daily, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m

Entrance: 7 euros/4.50 (reduced)

Address: Mergelteichstrasse 80, 44225 Dortmund

Activities in Dortmund: Get excited in the evening with bouldering and in the climbing hall

If you want to combine sporting challenges with real excitement during your activities in Dortmund, you should join one of the three climbing gyms book in. Since bouldering has also been offered as a trend sport at the Olympic Games, new halls have also been opened in the Ruhr area.

There are these halls for climbing and bouldering in Dortmund:

  • my (Emscherallee 33, 44369 Dortmund)
  • stroke of luck (Zum Lonnenhohl 14, 44319 Dortmund)
  • boulder world (Brennaborstrasse 10, 44149 Dortmund)

While knowing Climb is usually secured with a rope and can rise over ten meters in height bouldering not quite so high. Only with climbing shoes and some chalk powder can you climb the walls up to the height of the jump. Depending on the route, this can still be very challenging.

Children can also have fun in the three climbing and bouldering halls in Dortmund. (symbol photo)

© Miriam Otte/Imago

Because bouldering is easy to learn and there are many levels of difficulty, children also quickly have fun with it. The bouldering halls in Dortmund are usually open until at least 10 p.m. and are therefore well suited for an evening outing. Day tickets usually cost from 10 euros.

The climbing tower in Dortmund-Dorstfeld (Park am Vogelpothsweg, next to house number 25) is free and accessible at all times. According to the section of the German Alpine Association, you can only climb there by lead climbing, you must bring ropes and safety devices.

Activities in Dortmund: Outdoor pools entice you to swim in the summer

Even in the heat of summer, you can endure it in Dortmund as long as you choose one of the five outdoor pools visit. Not only BVB fans like to swim in the historic “Volksbad” outdoor pool within sight of the stadium. If you like it closer to nature, you can go to the “Froschloch” outdoor pool in Hombruch. Only the “Stockheide” pool in Nordstadt is currently closed (as of August 12, 2022).

There are these outdoor pools in Dortmund:

  • Frog hole outdoor pool (Hombruch), Löttringhauserstrasse 103
  • Hardenberg outdoor pool (Huckarde), Badweg 30
  • Public park outdoor pool (midtown west), swimming path 2
  • Wellinghofen outdoor pool (Hörde), Hopmann’s Mühlenweg
  • Stockheide outdoor pool (Nordbyen), currently closed

You can find an overview of opening times and entrance fees for all outdoor pools in Dortmund here.

The outdoor pool “Volksbad” at the BVB stadium in Dortmund is particularly popular in the summer.

© Ina Fassbender/AFP

If you don’t want to pay an entrance fee, you can also swim in the Dortmund-Ems canal. Although bathing is tolerated there, it is not without risk. Swimmers should absolutely stay away from bridges, locks and ships. If you want to swim a little more safely, you will find several bathing lakes in NRW.

Activities in Dortmund: Travel by boat or in the cable car

If you want to take it easy during your visit to Dortmund, you can get a small cart for several activities. This can be done above the trees in Westfalenpark or on a boat trip on the harbour.

You can let your soul dangle in Dortmund on these tours:

  • Harbor trip with “Santa Monika” (warehouse street)
  • Ride the cable car (Westphalia Park)

Whether it’s a harbor cruise after work, a coffee trip or a hit party on the boat: The Ships of “Santa Monica” regularly departs from the port of Dortmund. From Speicherstraße it goes through the harbor and over the canal partly to the Schleusenpark in Waltrop.

If you don’t like water, you can take a short trip Cable car in Westfalenpark inspire. It has been there since the Federal Horticultural Show in 1959 and has been open again since August 6, 2022. You can soar above the park more than 500 meters in a single chair.

“Santa Monika” and the Westfalenpark cable car

Santa Monica

Price: from 8 euros

Address: Port of Dortmund, Speicherstrasse 56 (otherwise Speicherstrasse 2)

Westfalenpark cable car

Price: 5 euros (ascent and descent), 3 euros (one way)

Address: Westfalenpark Dortmund, Buschmühle entrance

List of rubrics: © Eibner Europa, David Inderlied/Imago; Florian Forth/RUHR24; Collage: Sabrina Wagner/RUHR24

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