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School children have to drink a lot, because they play, run and frolic. Disposable bottles are expensive in the long term, damage the environment and release microplastics when they drink, which children must under no circumstances put into their bodies. Therefore, it is worth getting one buy the right water bottle. Which one could it be? These five models are particularly suitable for school children.

Recommended drinking bottles

A drinking bottle for children is not only used in schoolbut definitely also with sporting hobbies. The bottle must be able to last a lot. In part, it is allowed in the school rucksack not too much space and weight take instead she should stable be when the backpack is carelessly thrown into the corner. At the same time, it must not leak and still must easy to open be. At the end of the day, of course, it must also please the child himself.

1. Distasteful to drink from the Emil bottle* of glass

This model is a glass bottle encased in a bottle pouch. This is available with many different motifs. There will certainly be a suitable variant for your child. ONE advantage of the Emil bottle is that, thanks to the material, the drinks taste exactly as they should. The disadvantage of the glass is, of course, that it bottle weighs a little more than, for example, plastic bottles. In cold months you can also use the Emil bottle hot drinks up to 60 degrees Enjoy. A plus point is also that they dishwasher safe is. By the way, the product Produced locally by a Lower Bavarian family business.

  • Material: Glass bottle enclosed in a thermos mug and bottle bag made of organic cotton or linen, BPA-free polypropylene lid
  • Capacity: 300, 400 and 750 milliliters
  • Weight: 420 grams empty weight (600 milliliter bottle)
  • Price: 20.90 euros (600 milliliter bottle)
  • Production: locally in Lower Bavaria

2. Robust stainless steel bottle by Klean Kanteen*

Klean Kanteen offers a stainless steel bottle. One good choice for careless childrenwho likes to frolic. Depending on the model, it is suitable for hot drinks. It is also practical that it not only insulates against cold, but also against heat. You can choose between different colors and different attachments. The disadvantage of the product: unlike the previous model, it is produced in China and has had long transport routes. Klean Kanteen’s stainless steel bottle is too dishwasher safe.

  • Material: Stainless steel, lid made of bamboo wood
  • Capacity: 355, 532, 592 and 800 milliliters
  • Weight: 240 grams empty weight (800 milliliter bottle)
  • Price: 20 to 40 euros (baby bottles)
  • Production: China, certification “100% climate neutral”, according to the company’s high standards of social and ecological transparency

Drinking bottles: Which one is the best?

A third material comes into play with the Nalgene bottle. The model of the American company is made of plastic and is therefore very light compared to the other two models. It is particularly suitable for long days, for example on school trips. But only for summer days The bottle cannot withstand hot drinks. For small children, the Nalgene model with its large opening however, less suitable. Colorful patterns and bottle body in children’s edition compensate for this disadvantage.

3. Nalgene bottle* with flyweight

  • Material: Plastic (BPA-free Tritan)
  • Capacity: 340 and 450 milliliters
  • Weight: 170 grams empty weight (1 liter bottle)
  • Price: 10 to 15 euros
  • Production: United States

4. Ecotanka Thermotanka* keeps hot drinks hot

The name says it all: Ecotanka Thermotanka keeps hot drinks warm. that double-walled stainless steel outer shell provides up to 8 hours of insulation. With six different closures The Ecotanka bottle is also available in several colours. Its unique selling point is its large capacity. Up to 2 liter models available in the online shop. However, you will need to use your hands to clean it.

  • Material: Stainless steel, neoprene protective cover, lid made of bamboo, stainless steel or polypropylene
  • Capacity: 350, 600 and 800 milliliters as well as 1.2 and 2 litres
  • Weight: 245 grams empty weight (600 milliliter bottle)
  • Price: 32.90 euros (600 milliliter bottle with bamboo lid)
  • Production: China, fair working conditions and wages

5. Plastic Aladdin Aveo*

The conclusion is made of the second model made of plastic. Aladdin Aveo will from recycled bottles manufactured and also available in different patterns. that large opening can be an advantage when cleaning, it can be more difficult for children to drink. Another plus for cleaning: Dirt is clearly visible behind the transparent Tritan. The only downside: As with Nalgene’s plastic bottle, you should do not fill hot drinks.

  • Material: Plastic (Tritan) from recycled return bottles
  • Capacity: 350 to 800 milliliters
  • Weight: 156 grams empty weight (600 milliliter capacity)
  • Price: €13.95 (600 ml water bottle)
  • Production: According to the company, good working conditions and environmental protection are important

Conclusion: Which bottle is best for my child?

Which bottle now? Overall All bottles presented here are ideal for everyday use at school. Those two plastic bottles of course Nalegene and Aladdin score with theirs light weight. That’s what they’re for stainless steel bottles of Klean Kanteen and Ecotanka’s more stable specimens. It all depends on what your child needs most.

According to their own statements, all companies value climate protection and good working conditions, but only the Emil bottle is produced in Germany. If you want to give your child tea or hot cocoa in winter, you should take a closer look which bottles are suitable for hot drinks.

Are you considering getting a bottle for the summer that will keep your drinks cold? In our experience report with Chilly’s drinking bottle, we check whether it really heat-insulates cold drinks.

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