Way out of the crypto crisis?: Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. after months of decline: Crypto entrepreneurs appeal for campaign against ‘enemies of progress’ | news

• Skeptics take the price drop as an opportunity to criticize crypto again
• Crypto entrepreneurs Nazarian and Allaire are encouraging the industry
• Bitcoin & Co. still well below record highs despite recovery

Crypto investors have had to endure a lot this year. Not only that, the market value of the entire cyber currency market fell from 2.4 billion US dollars to only 1.1 billion US dollars at times and multi-million dollar crypto companies such as the popular Terra Tokens UST and LUNA, the lending platform Celsius or the hedge fund Three Arrow Capital (3AC) tore into the abyss.


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Rather, crypto fans had to endure the malice of longtime crypto critics such as Charlie Munger in particular. The 98-year-old recently added to his previous criticism by saying that the players in the crypto industry are either “delusional or evil”. In addition, it is “crazy to buy this” (meaning Bitcoin, editor’s note).

Nazarian and Allaire call for counteroffensive in the crypto industry

Two well-known crypto CEOs propose a solution against such claims as well as against the price crash. Adelle Nazarian, chair of the crypto company American Blockchain PAC, and Alex Allaire, co-head of the American Blockchain Initiative, call for a mission against the crypto enemies in a comment on “CoinDesk”. “For the crypto winter to end, and for the crypto sector and America to prosper in the long term, the crypto economy must rise to the challenge of its ardent critics. These critics are actively working to undermine our viability.” two crypto entrepreneurs. The critics used the Bitcoin & Co. price drop to “redouble their attack”.

Nazarian and Allaire’s call for the crypto offensive reads: “Make no mistake. Opponents of the crypto sector are formidable. Stealing a meme: The Empire Strikes Back. Return of the Jedi era!” But how should “Return of the Jedi” be designed? In the midst of the sector-wide crisis, how can the crypto community turn the tide and bring back more optimism?

The two crypto entrepreneurs appeal: Crypto fans must be more “active”

The two commentators urge readers to do more for digital currencies: “We need to advocate for cryptocurrency in public relations and in politics. We, the authors, actively advocate for cryptocurrency and encourage others to advocate for it. The case for cryptocurrencies is huge. : innovation and increasing productivity – and the accompanying rising tide of equitable prosperity.” Apparently, the crypto winter, which is currently slowing innovations around blockchain, NFT and crypto payments, cannot shake Nazarian and Allaire’s positive long-term expectations.

Crypto critics on the way: Munger, Buffett, Gates & Co.

After their plea, the two tech entrepreneurs quote the most famous crypto critics. The goal of these so-called “enemies of progress” is to “undo this historic wave of innovation,” say Nazarian and Allaire. Munger is one of the most famous “enemies of progress”. Bill Gates. The Microsoft founder said in May that Bitcoin “contributes nothing to society.” A similar view is shared by Gates’ longtime friend Warren Buffett, who lamented what he saw as a lack of productivity in cyber forex at this year’s Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. For this reason, the star investor from Omaha, Nebraska does not own any cryptocurrencies and prefers to rely on company stocks.

Sophisticated strategies are required instead of blind provocation

Nazarian and Allaire repel an overly clumsy counterattack. They consider the tactics of tech investor Peter Thiel, who insulted Buffett as a “sociopathic grandfather” in April, to be ineffective. On the contrary, the crypto-offensive would have to adopt a more nuanced perspective, while mentioning potential problems in the sector. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin could serve as a role model. Buterin does not represent blind crypto-optimism, but pointed out in a “Fortune” interview the real dangers clearly revealed by the Terra LUNA crash: “I think the collapse of LUNA is in a way one of these important, healthy moments in the crypto-economy that remind people that the downsides are real. You can’t just build a system and magically pretend the downside will never happen.” Nazarian and Allaire also see benefits in Terra Crash because capitalism is based on “creative destruction”. Therefore, the entire industry learns from the mistakes of insolvent companies, which ultimately drives progress. In this way, the crypto industry may even benefit from the Terra crash in the long term.

That’s how it is with Bitcoin & Co.

Meanwhile, the major cryptocurrencies have all recovered from their lows for the year that they hit in mid-June. At a current price of $24,130 (as of August 11, 2022), bitcoin is well above the level of about two months ago ($17,630 minimum on June 18, 2022), but still 66 percent below the November 10, 2022 record high . $68,925. The second largest cryptocurrency, Ether, which is currently trading at $1,891.02, is miles away from its previous peak ($4,865.81 on November 10, 2021). However, the high correlation between tech stocks and the crypto sector is still striking. Last but not least, the future development of cyber currencies will also be related to the development of growth stocks. The latter, on the other hand, always reacts very sensitively to the central banks’ interest rate increases. The crypto community will therefore certainly pay close attention to the words of Fed chief Jerome Powell in the following interest rate decisions.

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