Price Check: Apple Laptops: Great Deals on MacBook Pro & Co.

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Apple Laptops: Great Deals on MacBook Pro & Co.

The new MacBook Pro with M2 chip is one of the most powerful laptops on the market. A fact that makes Apple pay dearly for the manufacturer. With the following offer you can still save a lot.

In 2020, Apple turned the computing world upside down with the introduction of their in-house silicon processors. The former top dogs Intel and AMD suddenly looked unexpectedly old in light of the then M1 chip. A surprising success for Apple, which the company continues at breakneck speed.

MacBook Pro with M2 chip: Strong deal on eBay

The Californians have just presented a powerful successor with the M2 processor. It is currently used exclusively in the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. However, it only unfolds its full potential in the latter. This is also reflected in the price. The cheapest version of the MacBook Pro costs 1,599 euros. The device is now available on eBay for 1,349 euros!

  • MacBook Pro 13 (M2, 2022)
  • 256 gigabytes of SSD storage
  • 8 gigabytes of RAM
  • 13 inch retina screen
  • Colour: Space Grey

The offer comes from the recognized and licensed Apple dealer Gravis and marks the current best price for the notebook. For sale is the version of the MacBook Pro with 256 gigabytes of internal SSD storage and 8 gigabytes of RAM. If you are looking for a compact and durable workhorse for on the go, you will hardly find anything better at the moment. The price-performance ratio is top notch at the current price.

MacBook Pro: More memory at

The only weak points of the eBay offer are the relatively small internal memory of 256 gigabytes and the main memory of 8 gigabytes. Since both are unlikely to be upgraded afterwards, one or the other user could reach their limits here. If it were to be significantly more of both, Apple is asking you to pay a lot. Macbook Pro with M2 chip and 1 terabyte of SSD storage and 16 gigabytes of RAM costs 2,289 euros! currently charges “only” 2,079 euros for this equipment – the best price on the web!

  • MacBook Pro with 13-inch Retina display
  • 1 terabyte of SSD storage
  • M2 chip with 8 computer and 10 graphics cores
  • 16 gigabytes of RAM
  • Color space gray

It’s still a lot of wood, but compared to the regular price, the price is very good by Apple’s standards. If you have particularly high demands on your computer, you can hardly avoid 16 gigabytes of RAM, and with 1 terabyte of SSD memory there should eventually be enough space for all applications.

Cheap alternative: MacBook Air with a contract of 13 euros

If you don’t need that much steam under the hood, don’t have a fortune on the line and still don’t want to do without an Apple laptop, then take a look at the offer from the mobile phone provider o2. They offer MacBook Air with M1 chip in combination with a mobile phone contract for 13 euros plus 4.99 euros shipping costs. In addition, there is 44.99 euros per month over a minimum contract period of three years for the o2 Grow tariff.

  • MacBook Air with M1 chip for 13 euros plus 4.99 euros shipping
  • 256 gigabytes of SSD storage
  • 8 gigabytes of RAM
  • Telephone and SMS fixed rate
  • 40 gigabytes of data volume in the 5G/LTE network (10 GB more every 12 months)
  • Basic fee: 44.99 euros
  • Minimum contract period: 36 months

The MacBook Air is not quite as powerful as the Pro model. Additionally, this offer is not the latest version. Thanks to the M1 chip, it is still very fast. On top of that, it scores with a particularly compact housing, low weight and long battery life. The cheapest price online for the offered version with 256 gigabyte SSD and 8 gigabyte RAM is just over 1,000 euros.

MacBook deal at o2: Great value for money

If you subtract the unit price from the total cost for the minimum contract period, the effective basic fee remains at 17.60 euros per month for the o2 Grow tariff. It costs 29.99 euros per month and offers 40 gigabytes of data volume in the 5G and LTE network in addition to a telephone and SMS fixed rate. Every 12 months, 10 gigabytes are added at no extra cost. In connection with this offer, the price-performance ratio is excellent.

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