Nearly 100 children compete for titles in district tennis championships

The best tennis players in each age group at the 2022 District Championship proudly hold their trophies and winner’s certificates for the camera. TSG tennis chairman Andreas Dörner (fourth from left) and game manager Martin Schmid (fifth from left) look forward to seven days of fun in Mantel.

Image: Lukas Kraus/exb

After two years with a corona-related break, the tennis department of TSG Mantel-Weiherhammer started again as the organizer of the open district championship in tennis. And just under 100 players aged 6 to 21 took part in the seven-day Sparkasse Cup. Everyone was happy to be there, many were happy for the raffle next door and some were celebrating great success.

At the award ceremony on the final day on Sunday, TSG tennis chairman Andreas Dörner thanked him for the “amazing fair behaviour” on the clay courts, was pleased with the mostly sunny weather on match days and thanked the Neunkirchen tennis community (TGN) for their hospitality. One day the players had to serve in the hall in Neunkirchen because of rain. So it was good that TGN had the most participants with a total of 30 players followed by TSG Mantel-Weiherhammer and TC Grün-Rot Weiden as well as TC Kümmersbruck.

But the participants came from almost everywhere in the Upper Palatinate. So were FC Schwandorf, TSV Kareth Lappersdorf, RTK Regensburg, SpVgg Thurndorf, TC Amberg am Schanzl, DJK Eslarn, TC Grafenwöhr, TC Postkeller Weiden, DJK Weiden, TC Vilseck, TC Neunburg in front of the forest and TC Etzenricht at the start.

“Tennis is back in fashion,” concluded Mantel Mayor Richard Kammerer, who spoke on behalf of his colleague from Weiherhammer, Ludwig Biller, and District Administrator Andreas Meier. This is indicated by the significantly higher number of participants of almost 100 compared to 80 once. They all wanted to be looked after accordingly, for example by game director Martin Schmid or the many helpers around the hospitality team Carina Götz and Elke Götz. “Thanks to everyone for the great success,” Kammerer said. Also to the many spectators who would have supported the children in the competition.

And there were many winners. Here they are arranged by age group (ascending) as well as men and women:

Male: U7: Vinzenz Gürtler (TSV Kareth-Lappersdorf) ahead of Konstantin Schwarz (TG Neunkirchen) and Oskar Dietz (Amberg am Schanzl); U8: Kazan Larin (Amberg am Schanzl) ahead of Toni Schönberger (Regensburg Tennis Club) and Hannes Steiner (TC Grün-Rot Weiden); U9: Maximilian Winkler (TC Vilseck) ahead of Julian Schieder (TGN) and Erika Ackermann (TGN); U10: Jakob Sawetzki (TC Grün-Rot Weiden) ahead of Jonas Holzbecher (DJK Irchenrieth) and Moritz Malich (TC Kümmersbruck); U12: Kilian Meister (TGN) ahead of Dima Sergeev and Eelix Eichlinger (both TC Amberg am Schanzl); U14: Maxim Sergeev (Amberg am Schanzl) ahead of Joschua Toth (TC Etzenricht) and Bruno Bräuer (TSG Mantel-Weiherhammer); U16: Marcel Zwetzig ahead of Andreas Nickolai and Max Ströhl (all TGN); U21: Simon Döllinger (TGN) ahead of Nicolas Rast (TSG Mantel-Weiherhammer) and Maximilian Pöllath (TC Postkeller Weiden).

Female: U9: Charlotte Gollwitzer (TGN) ahead of Romy Erben (TC Grün-Rot Weiden) and Pia-Marie Zimmermann (Amberg am Schanzl); U10: Luisa Strauß (TC Grün-Rot) ahead of Lena Münch and Sophie Letz (both TC Kümmersbruck); U12: Luise Baumgärtner (TSG Mantel-Weiherhammer) ahead of Luisa Trautner (SpVgg Thurndorf) and Lisa Segerer (1. FC Schwandorf); U14: Lena Segerer (1. FC Schwandorf) ahead of Leonie Suttner and Sarah Farnholz (both TC Amberg am Schanzl); U16: Emily Fenzl (TSG Mantel-Weiherhammer) ahead of Eva Schlossarek (DJK Irchenrieth) and Luise Burggraf (FC Schwandorf); U21: Liliane Poeplau (TC Kümmersbruck) ahead of Theresa Braun (DJK Weiden) and Lara Götz (TSG Mantel-Weiherhammer).

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