Helene Fischer and baby secretly photographed: The court is now taking action

Helene Fischer successfully intervened against the publication of paparazzi photos with her baby. But her relationship with the media has suffered again.

Munich – In May 2022, paparazzi photos appeared showing Helene Fischer (38) on a private stroll with her baby. Apparently, the photos were taken without the consent of the hit queen and published by several magazines and newspapers. Now the singer has won – in one case even by court order.

singer Helene Fischer
Born August 5, 1984 (age 38), Krasnoyarsk, Russia
songs Heart shaking, roller coaster, out of breath all night

Helene Fischer pursued by paparazzi: Court bans publication of baby photos

Helene Fischer, whose only concert in Germany in 2022 will soon be shown on TV, protects her privacy like a lioness: she reluctantly announced her pregnancy in the fall of 2021, after several media had previously reported it.

“Unfortunately, a message has been revealed that we would have liked to have kept private for a little longer,” the singer wrote on Instagram on Oct. 2, also condemning “people close to me who have shared confidential and personal information with the media. “

Helene Fischer has been silent about the birth of her babies since the end of 2021

Helene Fischer is still silent about the birth of the baby, which is said to be born at the end of 2021 – and is now even criticized by die-hard fans on Instagram for “keeping the secret”. A few days ago, according to a report, Helene Fischer celebrated tz.de her first television appearance after the baby break.

Nevertheless, it’s hardly surprising that the hit queen should have been anything but thrilled when the first pictures of her and her baby appeared in several magazines in May 2022. The pictures are said to show the singer on a private stroll through Munich (read more celebrity news on RUHR24).

Helene Fischer defends herself in court against a paparazzi photo

Helene Fischer has now successfully defended herself against the publication of the photos with her baby, which were apparently taken secretly by a paparazzi. The online magazine first reported over media about that.

Helene Fischer has baby pictures banned by the court – judgment handed down

Noisy over media the singer filed a lawsuit against the publication of the photos. The photos, which showed Helene Fischer on a private stroll through the city, were to be deleted from the magazines and not published further.

Because a newspaper did not fully meet the demands of Helene Fischer’s lawyer, the case even came before the Berlin Regional Court. Helene Fischer could apparently win there.

According to the report from the district court in Berlin, the singer over media in a preliminary injunction proceeding, stating that the photos were taken “in a private moment of relaxation” and “obviously through the exploitation of secrecy” and “through persistent tracking.”

Helene Fischer has opposed the distribution of pictures of her baby.

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The images can no longer be found online. A success for Helene Fischer – but her relationship with the media has probably suffered again due to the publication of the photos.

It was only in October 2021 that the singer finally wrote to her fans on Instagram: “You know I have always kept my private life hidden for protection and yet the media always manages to speculate, report, judge, make up and spread fictional stories. untruths that have made me angry and sad at the same time for so many years.”

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