1972 Olympic assassination attempt: hoping for a solution

Status: 08/12/2022 15:13

In the dispute over compensation for the families of the victims of the 1972 Olympic attack, the federal government is still hoping for a solution. The Anti-Semitism Commissioner considers the German offer to be fair.

After relatives of the Israeli victims of the Munich Olympic attack canceled their participation in the memorial service, various bodies are calling for an amicable solution. “The federal government expresses its hope that a way will be found so that the bereaved can still decide to participate in the memorial event on September 5,” said government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit. We are ready for further talks.

Ten million euros offered

In a letter to Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder, the survivors rejected the latest proposal for compensation: “50 years of abuse, lies, humiliation and rejection by the German government and especially the Bavarian authorities is more than enough for us.”

According to reports, the 4.5 million euros already paid in 1972 and 2002 for the victims’ relatives was to be increased to a total of ten million euros.

50 years ago, on September 5, 1972, Palestinian terrorists attacked the Summer Olympics in Munich. Eleven members of the Israeli team and one policeman died.

Anti-Semitism Commissioner: “Fair offer”

Federal Victims Commissioner Pascal Kober appealed to continue looking for a compromise in the dispute. He knows that there are different perspectives on the treatment and the compensation paid so far – “also among the relatives,” Kober told “Spiegel”.

“Germany has a political responsibility that we have to face, also and especially with regard to the unique relationship with Israel,” the FDP politician said. “As Federal Commissioner for Victims, I would hope that, especially with regard to the time that has passed since the attack, a solution will be found that best reconciles the interests of all involved.”

The federal government’s anti-Semitism commissioner, Felix Klein, defended the offer to the survivors: “I believe the federal government made a fair offer to the relatives and survivors of the Olympic attack,” he said. “It’s on the upper end of what you would get today as a victim of a terrorist crime.”

Also part of the offer is a commission of historians to once again historically and politically reassess the events of 1972. The federal government is also ready to accept proposals on how this commission can be staffed.

Probably the cancellation of the Israeli president feared

The Bavarian state government and the federal government had previously lamented the rejection of the relatives. In early August, they asked Israeli President Isaac Herzog to stay away from the memorial event.

According to information from the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, official bodies now fear that the president will cancel the central memorial event. “If families stay away from the memorial service, it will be very difficult for the president to attend,” the newspaper quoted an official as saying.

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