11 important tips for safe bathing fun

As soon as summer temperatures arrive here, many families are drawn to the outdoor pool. Fun and cooling are the opposite of heat, bustle and risk of slipping on a trip to the outdoor pool with children. With these ten tips, a visit to the outdoor pool will be a relaxing experience.

The sun’s rays tickle your nose when you wake up, the thermometer exceeds the 25 degree mark, you eat breakfast outside – and then what? Out to the pool! What means pure joy for children often takes place at a high level of stress for parents. After all, the cool water is not always without danger, especially for small children: Breathing water, wet, slippery surfaces and great restlessness can pose some dangers. But don’t panic – with our ten tips it should be much more relaxed.

With a child in the outdoor pool: 10 tips

Tip 1: Avoid the midday heat

To protect your child from too much UV radiation, it is best to visit the outdoor pool in the early morning or late afternoon. The midday heat between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. can quickly lead to sunburn or sunburn. Especially in the morning, the hustle and bustle is usually not so great.

Tip 2: Find a shady spot

Children’s skin is particularly sensitive, and during a day at the outdoor pool, it is often and for a long time exposed to the hot rays of the sun. To protect your child, you should definitely spread your towels out in the shade. It is best to choose a shaded area that is as large as possible, after all, the sun moves throughout the day. So you don’t have to move several times. A dark cloth can provide additional protection from the sun.

Tip 3: Don’t forget sunscreen

Even if you and your child have secured a place in the shade, you should definitely protect your child with sunscreen. Since children’s skin is particularly sensitive, you must choose a children’s sunscreen with the highest possible sun protection factor. In addition, it must be waterproof. And don’t forget: keep applying cream.

Tip 4: Headgear

The hot sun is especially exhausting for children. So that it is still possible to frolic in the sun without problems, put a sun hat or a cap on your child.

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Tip 5: Bathing shoes provide support

Especially near the pool, the floor of the outdoor pool is often wet and slippery. In order for your child not to slip here, it makes sense to wear swimming shoes. They provide optimal support and can also be used in the pool.

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Tip 6: Put on swimming aids

As long as your child has not yet taken swimming lessons, you should definitely wear swimming aids. Although they do not offer 100% safety, they help keep your head above water and thus make it easier for you to make first contact with the cool water. Swimming animals or rings may look more fun, but offer less safety. There is a risk of slipping here. If your child is very lively and you are worried about losing them in the crowd, you can even write your phone number on the bracelets – just in case.

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Tip 7: Pay attention to the water temperature

Before entering the water, you should check the water temperature. Make sure that the difference between the water temperature and the outside temperature is not too great. The body of young children cannot compensate well for a large difference, which can lead to reactions such as diarrhoea. Babies should only be in the water for a short time. Bath time can also increase with age. In any case, make sure that your child does not get cold. After bathing, make sure to remove your diaper or bathing suit and wrap your child warmly.

Tip 8: Swim only under supervision

Regardless of whether your child already has swimming experience or not: Always keep an eye on your child in the water. Even bracelets, a swimming ring or a pool noodle do not guarantee that something will not go wrong while swimming. Especially when there is a lot going on in the water, there is a risk that your child will inhale too much splash water. So always keep an eye on it.

Tip 9: Keep your eyes open

The child swims in the water, the lifeguard stands by the edge of the pool: How tempting to just close your eyes for a moment or continue reading the novel you haven’t been able to touch for days. But you should resist this temptation. Even a lifeguard can’t see everything, especially when the outdoor pool is full.

If something actually happens, it doesn’t happen like you might have seen in Hollywood movies with high drama: the child doesn’t scream loudly or frantically splash in the water. Children drown quietly. Due to the disproportionately large head, they easily lose their balance and fall into the pelvis. They go into a state of shock and fail to draw attention to themselves. Therefore, you should always keep at least one eye on your child.

Tip 10: The emergency pharmacy

Small accidents are inevitable with small children, and small ones are certainly not the end of the world. To be prepared for small cuts and scrapes, pack a small first aid kit: if possible, you should also have plasters, disinfectant spray, bug spray and a cooling gel for bug bites, wet wipes and the stuffed animal for comfort.

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Tip 11: Never swim on a full stomach

Children are naturally hungry after being active for a while. But it is important that you do not stuff your stomach full and then enter the water. You should not swim with an extremely full stomach. It makes you sluggish and dangerous, especially since children are not yet good at assessing their strength and stamina. So in the outdoor pool it is always better to have small snacks and the well-deserved pool fries, perhaps at the very end or with an hour’s swim break in between.

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