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Anyone who surfs the internet comes across the term metaverse time and time again.

Anyone who surfs the internet to learn more about their favorite sport will come across the concept of the metaverse time and time again. Virtual worlds and games invite you to dive into the Metaverse. Even events are already held in the Metaverse today. In this way, workshops and training courses can be combined without the participants being distracted from reality.

Not really taken seriously by some as a virtual world, there are numerous projects in sports that can change the future. So how can you use the metaverse for athletics and what is the metaverse?

What is the metaverse?

The term Metaverse comes from Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel Snow Crash, where the Metaverse was described as a virtual 3D world. The virtual city you are in can expand and expand. If this sounds familiar, then you may have come across Metaverse before, because projects like “The Sandbox” or “Decentraland” offer this very possibility. Or you have created cities in the games Second Life or Minecraft.

But how can Metaverse help an athlete? Many digital worlds have evolved with blockchain or cryptocurrencies or use NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Let’s say a Nike fan buys a running shoe as an NFT that he uses as an avatar in the Metaverse. So this virtual shoe belongs only to the person and they can wear it in all Metaverse worlds. Anyone who thinks that the sports industry has little to do with the virtual world forgets that sports also want to develop.

Sports in the Metaverse

Whether it’s participating in a virtual fight in the boxing ring, buying memorabilia from your favorite team or running a virtual lap around your favorite city – it’s all possible in Metaverse. The athletes can take part in running events and fairs, find out about new products or compete against their friends in a competition – virtually, of course.

Of course, any user can find new friends who are equally enthusiastic about running, and there are no geographical or physical boundaries. With the multi-view camera technology, you can enter anywhere in the world and choose the best running routes. Fans are not only there for their events, but right in the middle of the action – and are in his cozy living room.

NBA, well-known football clubs like Manchester United have already done it and sell fan articles like NFT. Although these non-fungible tokens are purely virtual, they have a specific value and are unique. They can of course also be resold on platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible.

Alternatives to experiences in the Metaverse

Anyone who likes to place sports bets on the internet or enjoy virtual football games in an online casino knows about the fun of placing bets and cheering on live action. But also making sure to only register on reputable platforms. The website time2play.com, which presents and rates licensed Swiss casinos, can help in Switzerland. All reviews are written by experts and the providers are rated honestly.

Have you heard of viRACE? viRACE is an app that allows sports fans to participate in a competition in real time without having to be present at the venue. The app allows you to participate in virtual races and events, where registration and tracking are handled directly via the app. Live updates and route-dependent announcements help tailor the competition individually to the event.

It’s easy to see that Metaverse doesn’t stop at sports either. In the future, virtual events will take place, or runners will be able to participate in international challenges – without having to leave their home country. Training plans can be called up virtually and help improve one’s fitness. You can bring the trainer into your own home with a hologram or complete your workout with a world-famous athlete.

In the Metaverse, you can walk distances you’ve always wanted to complete, but the journey never materialized. It doesn’t have to be that way these days either, thanks to virtual worlds you can visit a different continent every day and complete the best running routes in the world – and all from your living room. Maybe Graz Marathon or B2Run Cologne will soon be available virtually. Or the New York City Marathon and you can fulfill your dream of being there.

Companies like Facebook, which changed its name to Meta with ulterior motives, are becoming one of the biggest players in the Metaverse. We can be curious to see what innovations in sports and running come our way.

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