Multi-Blockchain Wallet App Nufinetes Releases New Feature to View NFTs on Ethereum and VeChain ()

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Nufinetes, the first multi-blockchain wallet app built for the Ethereum, VeChain and BNB smart chain networks, today released a new feature that allows users to securely manage, view and send Ethereum NFTs from selected projects. The Nufinetes update extends the compatibility of VIMworld’s SmartNFTs on VeChain to ERC-721 NFTs and offers a user-friendly user interface.

WalletConnect, VeChainThor dApp connection

Nufinetes allows users to sign transactions across multiple blockchains. With Ethereum/BSC’s Wallet Connect or VeChainThor’s signing feature, users can interact with dApps across all networks and freely send transactions to a blockchain of their choice. This includes token swaps on popular dexes like UniSwap (Ethereum) or PancakeSwap (BSC) and buying NFTs on popular marketplaces like OpenSea (Ethereum).

Support for multiple browsers/devices/OS

A key feature of Nufinetes is the ability to work seamlessly on any device, operating system or browser. Users are not limited to a single browser extension. Instead, Nufinetes can be used in a web browser or as a standalone desktop or mobile application.

Cross-device functionality is also possible through a simple seed phrase import, allowing users to simultaneously manage their assets in the way that suits them best. In short, users import or create a new wallet in Nufinetes. This wallet address is replicated on all available blockchains, minimizing the number of addresses a user needs to manage and streamlining the user experience.

New security features

In this new version, the security features have also been improved to protect the users. As a decentralized wallet, the private keys are managed directly by the owner of the wallet. Nufinetes offers the ability to export a private key directly, allowing users to make digital backups to USB or other secure storage media. In addition, FaceID is now supported on Apple iOS devices, providing an additional layer of mobile security. Finally, an “Always Ask” feature has been added, which prompts the wallet owner to use a PIN or biometric input each time their phone is locked or the Nufinetes application is reopened.

New time-saving functions

For convenience and security, addresses can be included in Nufinete’s address book, allowing for quick and convenient transactions with frequent recipients. And power users who need to make multiple transactions in a row can unlock the wallet in intervals of up to 30 minutes instead of requiring a password for each transaction.

Project and dApp integration

The Nufinetes development team has also introduced features that are very attractive to project teams that, for example, want to capture assets on one chain (e.g. NFTs on Ethereum) and send rewards on another (e.g. airdrop tokens at BSC). The Nufinetes SDK is also available to VeChain and soon Ethereum ecosystem partners, allowing them to integrate their projects with the Nufinetes wallet. The SDK will soon be made publicly available for further integrations.

About Nufinetes

Nufinetes offers a feature-rich, future-proof and user-friendly platform for digital asset management. The crypto market is saturated with wallet options. Unfortunately, many of them offer an inadequate user experience, leading to steep learning curves and, in some cases, a complete loss of value. After a successful launch on the public blockchain VeChainThor in May 2022, Nufinetes has since expanded to Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain. Nufinetes, which is free to download and has a wide range of features, has quickly become the best option for storing digital content. Packed with advanced features and developed by a team of technical experts, Nufinete’s wallet is a digitally active powerhouse with a focus on ease of use and security. Nufinetes works on all browsers, devices and operating systems of your choice, so download the app or desktop version of your choice. Click here for a list of currently supported Ethereum projects that can use the NFT viewer feature.

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