Experience nature up close – the children’s forest in Hanover for children and young people

The children’s forest in the north-western part of Hanover gives all children, young people and their families the opportunity to experience nature up close, let their creativity run free and develop their own personality. The seven-hectare site has been an eventful and impressive place for every child for more than 20 years.

What is the idea behind the children’s forest in Hanover?

Children's forest HannoverAfter a holiday card campaign by the children’s songwriter Unmada Manfred Kindel in 1996, the idea for the fairy forest for children and young people arose. Since the year 2000, the large area in the district of Nordhafen has been used to bring children and young people closer to nature in a very special way. The children were involved in the planning of the forest right from the start, because the construction site concept was also developed together with them. In this way, they could contribute their wishes and ideas about the fairy forest. The main aim of the concept is to give all children the opportunity to have experiences in and with nature and to convey that the environment is worth protecting. At the same time, the fairytale forest gives you the opportunity to express your own dreams and wishes and live out your own creativity. The forest must promote both social competences and identity formation. In nature, young people and children learn responsibility for themselves, for others and for the environment. The adventure forest is open to all children – the main target group is from 4 to 14 years.

What does the fairy forest offer?

Over the past 22 years, 1,500 new bushes and trees have already been planted in the children’s forest in Hanover – many different play areas have also been created. The place’s educational concept is under constant further development and change. There is a close collaboration with various daycare centers, schools and other institutions. In addition, the forest is always open for parents and children to celebrate a child’s birthday here. If you want, you can book extra workshop content for the celebrations – then a pedagogical employee will also be available as a supervisor. Children and young people can have different experiences in the fields of nature, construction, art, planning and gardening within the framework of many campaigns and offers.

What offers are there for children and young people?

Various workshops are available in the adventure forest to experience nature. These include the nature workshops, the naturalist workshops and the field workshops.

The nature workshops:

  • Forest researchers: Here the children use magnifying glasses and other equipment to explore small creatures and plants
  • Be creative with natural materials: Participants make things like dream catchers or picture frames from different natural materials
  • The forest makes music: In this musical nature workshop you sing and experiment with rhythm instruments
  • Clear the stage: here the fairytale forest becomes a stage and the children become the main actors

The naturalist workshops:

In these workshops, the children and young people experience the forest up close and learn to understand it. Cognitive and motor skills are also strengthened. Another focus is on strengthening the participants’ team and social skills. This happens, among other things, through discovery, craftsmanship, searching and experimentation. Finally, the new impressions and experiences are reflected together. The topics for the natural science workshop are individually adapted to the respective group of participants and the level of knowledge.

The field workshops:

Teamwork is especially encouraged and the children’s sense of responsibility is strengthened. You work with different tools such as saws, shovels and hoes. The children get information about plants and animals all year round.

In addition to the workshops, there are also numerous family offers such as musical forest walks, light parties or pasture construction and nature activities. Different projects like “Adventures in the Children’s Forest” bring a lot of variety. In the summer camp, which lasts a week, the children can experience nature. Holiday offers for several days are offered by the children’s forest or by FerienCard from the youth center in Hannover city. These good offers for the children can be optimally combined with a family holiday in a holiday home in Hanover. Festivals and concerts also take place again and again in the fairytale forest.

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