A bike helmet designed to offer all-round safety

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A bike helmet designed to offer all-round safety

Source: nFrontier / Editor: Dorothee Quitter

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With “Pylo”, the innovation studio nFrontier has presented a bicycle helmet prototype that, in addition to a facial airbag, also contains a 360 degree surround safety system with lidar sensors.

Pylo is a bicycle helmet that combines the latest digital, safety, design and production technologies.

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Designed with the needs of urban commuters and athletes in mind, Pylo combines lightweight materials with stylish design and cutting-edge technologies. As nFrontier reports, technologies from the automotive sector have been adapted to the bicycle helmet. The highlight is an airbag that protects the underside from damage, complemented by a number of intelligent safety solutions such as lidar radar sensors, immersive 3D sound, LED light indicators and much more. The prototype is currently being tested for market access.

An airbag for the face

According to nFrontier, Pylo has the world’s first face shield airbag designed for a bicycle helmet. It is designed to protect the jawbone, teeth and eyes. In the event of an accident, it will explode from behind to ensure the driver’s face is protected, they say. This innovation surpasses the bicycle airbags on the market, as these only prevent serious head injuries and protect the brain and skull.

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An audio warning system for blind spot situations

To further increase safety for cyclists, the innovation studio developed a 360-degree surround safety system with lidar sensors. This audio warning system can warn the cyclist of dangerous situations in the blind spot or vehicles approaching at high speed. The engineers at nFrontier chose a sound-based system. It works with an immersive 3D sound that offers the benefit of a 360-degree scanning zone that shows the exact location or direction of a security threat. This is signaled by a directed and clear warning tone.

Knitted lining and 3D printed honeycomb structure

An inner lining produced by 3D Knitting keeps the helmet in place and is designed to guarantee an individual fit. The knitted textile can be made of cotton on one side and wool on the other. Depending on the season, it keeps the contact surface with the head cooler or warmer. The resulting 3D-printed nylon honeycomb structure is breathable and is said to absorb shock at a significantly higher level than conventional polystyrene helmets. For additional protection and better visibility in bad weather, the helmet is equipped with a visor and integrated LED lights.

LED headlights, taillights and indicators

LED headlights, taillights and turn signals must ensure even more safety in city traffic. According to nFrontier, these are activated with a simple double tap on the left or right side of the helmet while driving. Gyro sensors automatically detect the driver’s maneuvers to turn on the brake lights. All helmet functions are controlled by a smartphone-based helmet app that acts as an interface between the cyclist and the helmet, providing safety features such as turning headlights on or off and connecting the wireless headphones.


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