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Filip Blank is desperate. His ex-wife kidnapped their daughter Lara to Paraguay. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, the woman has slipped deeper and deeper into gloomy theories on the Internet. First she feared the mask requirement, then the vaccination – and now the collapse of civilization. In her farewell letter to her father, she writes of an “imminent civil war” from which she must save Lara.

Blank is not an isolated case. Invisible to the public, millions of Germans are currently fighting private conflicts that would have been unthinkable a short time ago. In the family circle, it is about evil forces, human experiments and resistance to an alleged dictatorship. These myths, which have permeated families across the country, now fuel arguments, violence – and even kidnapping. “Rabiat: Kidnapped Children – How Corona Tears Families Apart” tells the story of a man who threatens to lose his ex-wife and their daughter to a new post-Corona virus: disinformation.

The film will be available from August 15 at 08.00 in ARD’s media library. The first will broadcast the production on August 16, 2022, 12:20 to 01:05 (Monday to Tuesday night).

“Rabiat” reporter Jan Stremmel accompanies Blank in the hunt for his daughter. He travels with him to South America and follows the trail of the kidnappers there. Together they meet politicians, diplomats and police officers. They follow the tracks left by the kidnappers on their escape. But first Lara has disappeared. Finally, in the summer, a public search was launched for her and her stepsister, the world press reported.

What drives those who want to evade vaccinations and protective measures to Paraguay of all places, in one of the poorest countries in South America? On the spot, “Rabiat” reporter Jan Stremmel talks to a former resident of a German colony of lateral thinkers and an employee. The men report rough behavior inside and the dubious machinations of those in charge. Finally, “Rabiat” reporter Jan Stremmel confronts the president of an anti-vaccination colony with the claims: Does he do business with fear?

The “Rabiat” report shows exclusively the six-month search by Blank and Anne Reiniger, who are also looking for their missing daughter. The film documents two parents’ desperate search for their children. The research of “Rabiat” reporter Jan Stremmel and his team will ultimately help find the children.

“Rabiaat: Kidnapped Children – How Corona Tears Families Apart” is a production of Senderable GmbH on behalf of Radio Bremen (editor Susanne Brahms) for Das Erste 2022.


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