Has Elon Musk invested in Tamadog? This could be the next 100X Meme Coin cryptocurrency

Dogs are extremely popular among meme cryptocurrencies. The best example is probably Dogecoin. The open source, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency was created by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus in 2013, initially as a parody of Bitcoin. However, the coin only really took off when Elon Musk tweeted about it. Now a new meme coin is on its way to take the crypto world by storm: Tamadoge (TAMA).

Tamadoge – the meme coin with real ease of use

Unlike other meme coins, most of which are still looking for their utility, Tamadoge offers a real use case. The coin is the original sign of its own metaverse – the Tamaverse. Among other things, Tamadoge is intended to function as a means of payment there. The coin is currently in the pre-sale phase.

In total there will be 2 billion TAMADOGE, unlike Dogecoin where the number of coins available is unlimited. Half of them, i.e. 1 billion tokens, are earmarked for the presale. 400 million are not minted and are reserved for stock market listings. 600 million tokens will be minted over a 10-year period to run the Tamadoge project, for example in staking.

What is Tamadoge anyway – and why could the coin be the next 100x cryptocurrency?

Play2Earn games are extremely popular in the Metaverse. Axie Infinity, Sandbox or Lucky Block are very popular NFT blockchain games that have found their place in the gaming world. Tamadoge is the original symbol of the Tamaverse.

No transaction fees at Tamadoge

Many crypto projects charge so-called transaction fees, for example Ethereum or Dogecoin. So a smaller (or larger) percentage of tokens will be retained when the user transfers, buys or sells coins. Many platforms and projects finance themselves with it in the long term, especially if the token has no real use. Others want to keep so-called day traders away with higher fees. However, Tamadoge does not charge any transaction fees. The developers are convinced that the value of the token must be generated by the project itself and not only by the people who trade the coin. One of the principles behind the creators is that they don’t want players to lose money when they join or leave Tamaverse. Because of this, they have committed to never taxing token transfers. Tamadoge is a symbol used to support the Tamaverse and Tamadoge pets and will remain so.

The gameplay of Tamaverse

In the late 90s, it felt like everyone was carrying around a little plastic egg that made itself known by beeping at regular intervals. Inside lived the electronic pet Tamagotchi, which had to be looked after, nurtured and fed.

Tamadoge coin

Tamadoge is based on this game principle. The coins can be used to buy pet NFTs, Tamadoge Pets, the heart of this project. They are shaped like babies with their individual strengths, weaknesses and values. Now the player must pay close attention to his pet. The better you take care of your Tamadoge pet, the better its stats will be. As the Tamadoge pet grows up, it can compete against other players’ pets in the turn-based Tamadoge Battle Arena to achieve first place in the Tamadoge leaderboard. The players with the most Dogepoints receive rewards for their achievements.

Transparent roadmap – verified developers

What the developers of Tamadoge also attach great importance to is seriousness. The roadmap for the project is absolutely transparent. The creators have been verified with Coinsniper KYC, which means that the platform has both addresses and IDs of the founders. In addition, the Tamadoge protocol has been 100 percent verified for security by Solid Proof. By the way, the creators’ motto is:

“When Tamadoge makes a promise, Tamadoge keeps it.”

Why buy Tamadog?

As mentioned at the beginning, TAMA is currently still in the pre-sale phase. However, the first milestone has already been reached and Tamadoge has been sold for around 1 million US dollars. Pre-sales are expected to continue until September – but signs indicate that this will end early, similar to Battle Infinity. So why is it worth investing in Tamadoge? The coin combines two extremely popular things in the crypto universe: meme coins and utility. Additionally, the coin is deflationary unlike Dogecoin. A small percentage of coins are burned with each transaction. The developers want to prevent hyperinflation with this. In addition, Tamaverse also relies on the Play2Earn or Play and Earn principle. Because for creators, fun and rewards are inextricably linked.

Last but not least, the developers are dependent on augmented reality. Among other things, an AR app is planned. There should then be a 3-D model for each Tamadoge pet. For example, gamers have the option to play with their pets.

Has Elon Musk now bought Tamadog?

Unfortunately, we cannot say that precisely at this time. He hasn’t tweeted anything about it yet. But it could also be because Tamadoge is currently in the pre-sale phase and still making a name for itself in the crypto world. But it may well be that TAMA comes into focus for Elon Musk. Because he is known to be a big fan of meme currencies. Especially those with a cuddly dog. He recently confirmed this again in an interview.

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