This coin can increase by 54 times in 2023 according to forecasts –

Bitcoin’s price has fallen to around $25,000, and other major cryptocurrencies are also feeling the impact of the crash. However, even with a prolonged bear market, some digital currencies still offer good long-term investment opportunities while also delivering consistent daily gains.

A coin that could quietly take off and gain ground is RBISthe original token behind ArbiSmart-Project. analysts predict an increase from the current price of under $1 to a whopping $27 in Q1 2023!


What does ArbiSmart do?

ArbiSmart (RBIS) is one of them EU approved interest bearing wallet and ecosystem for crypto services. Earlier this year, the token was listed for the first time and is now on major exchanges such as Uniswap and SushiSwap available while crypto giants like binance and Coin base now publishing RBIS buying guides.

ArbiSmart’s flagship product is its interest-bearing digital wallet, launched in late June 2022 as the first in a series of new utilities to be launched this year.

The wallet supports a wide range of FIAT currencies such as USD, GBP and EUR, as well as a large selection of cryptocurrencies, from familiar names such as BTC, ETH, XRP, COMP and BNB to upstarts such as APE, AAVE, UNI, LINK, MANA and AXS etc.

Wallet holders can choose from several options. You can access your savings at any time without receiving interest, or you can invest them in a savings account for a period of two, three or five years. Interest on savings balances is paid daily, and the wallet holder can choose to have the winnings credited to the specified account where they are earned, or have the interest automatically transferred to a separate, open account from which they can be withdrawn at any time.

The wallet offers a number of attractive incentives to invest in RBIS, which is likely to increase demand for the token.

First of all, a wallet holder’s account status is based on how much RBIS they own. Account status determines how much interest it earns on savings balances in any of the other currencies supported by the ArbiSmart wallet. So the more RBIS you own, the more you earn on your EUR or BTC balance.

Another incentive to buy and invest in RBIS is the fact that RBIS balances earn a much higher rate of interest than any other balance. All supported crypto and FIAT currencies return up to 49% per annum except RBIS which returns up to 147% per annum.

The capital in the wallet will also earn higher interest if the interest accrues in RBIS. So even if the balance is held in BTC or EUR, if the daily interest accrues in RBIS, the interest will be higher.

Another incentive to own RBIS is the fact that one RBIS equals one vote, meaning that owning tokens gives you more influence on the future direction of the entire project.

Reliable earnings in times of boom or recession

Another reason why RBIS has steadily gained ground and increased in value, even in a bear market, is that it offers consistent passive profit streams regardless of market movements. As an ArbiSmart wallet holder, if you have a minimum amount of RBIS, you can keep the rest of your funds in your preferred traditional or digital currencies and safely weather the bear market while doubling your capital through a savings plan.

With the launch of the new wallet, the “supply shock” will also push the price of RBIS tokens even higher. Over the next few months, as the purse strings rise, an increasing amount of RBIS will be withdrawn from general circulation to be locked into savings plans for periods of two, three or five years, resulting in a reduced (already limited ) supply and an increase in demand.

Another RBIS service that can generate reliable passive profits in a bull or bear market is the automated crypto arbitrage-Service by ArbiSmart. During the brief moments when a coin is available on different exchanges at different prices at the same time, it is monetized. Temporary price differences are not uncommon and occur as regularly in a downtrend as in an uptrend, making the service the perfect hedge against a bear trend.

What to expect in the coming months

The optimistic forecasts for the token price in the coming year are largely the result of the current massive development spurt.

In the second half of 2022, ArbiSmart will introduce a number of new services, all of which will require the use of the RBIS token. These include a mobile application that allows you to access all the services of the ArbiSmart ecosystem from your phone, and a decentralized yield farming service that offers 0.3% of fees from each trade plus up to 190,000% in annual profits. Almost simultaneously, ArbiSmart will also establish a marketplace for buying and selling non-tradable tokens (NFTs) and will release a collection of thousands of unique digital artworks. A little later, ArbiSmart will introduce a cryptocurrency exchange and a game-to-earn metaverse where users can buy, develop and sell virtual properties.

The interconnection of all these services will further increase the liquidity of RBIS and increase demand. For example, if you buy an NFT on the marketplace, you can use it as an avatar in the Metaverse, or take advantage of its unique gamification feature in the yield farming program, where it can increase your annual profit.

The demand for RBIS is increasing and buying the token provides a great opportunity to earn a stable daily profit even in a bear market. If the price continues to rise as analysts predict, you can earn big capital gains on top of interest from long-term savings plans. The token can be easily purchased through third-party exchanges or directly through the ArbiSmart dashboard. Now is the right time to buy before the newly launched wallet launches and the other upcoming utilities that will drive demand sky high.

You can buy RBIS here.

Last updated on August 9, 2022

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