The weather: Painting, singing and yoga for children in the church

Crafts, singing, drumming, yoga: holiday kids conquer the Catholic church in An der Windecke. And get to know the story of Noah.

In the last week of the holiday, boys and girls conquered the Catholic Church of St. Augustine and Monika in Grundschöttel. In the newly decorated church, people made handicrafts, painted, sang, organized church meetings, read books, did children’s yoga and much more. This was made possible by the “Children’s Cathedral” program that the Diocese of Essen launched in five local communities.

Beanbag instead of a chair

Some children have found themselves comfortable in the aisle of Saint Augustin and Monika Church: the church pews have been exchanged for seat cushions, craft tables and a book corner. “I’ll take the red beanbag,” says six-year-old Jonah, leaning back comfortably in it. He has probably rarely sat so comfortably in a church. But there is not much time to rest, because municipal police officer Angela Hoppe has put together a colorful program for the “Children’s Cathedral”. “Who would like to beautify the altar candles?” she asks, and the barely 15 children in the church in Windecke don’t need to be told twice. Yellow sunflowers are already being conjured up on the candles with wax sheets, and the children are practicing dividing the work so that everyone can put a nice candle back on the altar afterwards. “We chose the sunflower as our symbol for the whole week. She always faces the sun with her large plate of flowers. This looks especially fun in a field of sunflowers because all the flowers face the same direction. The sunflower is a beautiful image for us Christians, because we always follow Christ,” explains community manager Dorothee Janssen.

name of the petal

And it’s already taken up during the greeting, where the children have to write their names on a yellow petal, so that in the end a brilliant sunflower, made up of all the children’s names, hangs in front of the altar. When they subsequently sing together, the little churchgoers grow up like sunflowers from their crotch and sing along fiercely with Gudrun Drüke, who begins to sing the songs on the guitar.

About Noah and his ark

The girls and boys between the ages of one and eight are also fully involved in reading the story of Noah and his ark. They place the wooden figures in the small ship, which a teacher from St. Gerwin Kindergarten brought over from the church. “Giraffes! Kangaroos! Snakes! Hornets!” – these are just some of the animals that the children name from the cuff. Eight-year-old Nora knows the story of the divine flood and the ark builder particularly well and can almost retell it on her own. Afterwards, they have well earned the refreshment in the form of waffles, cookies and fruit prepared by the community’s women’s group.

Little visitors from the neighboring towns

“It’s nice to see that our offer is so well received,” says organizer Angela Hoppe. And Dorothee Janssen emphasizes: “We must definitely continue and expand that in some form after this one week.” The enthusiastic children, who are allowed to get to know Saint Augustin and Monika’s church in a completely different way, agree with her. Small visitors even came from Hagen and Schwelm to the Catholic church in Wetter. “It’s not often you get such a good offer,” says the grandmother of six-year-old Merle from Hagen, who found out about it from the newspaper. “I’ll be back tomorrow,” the little guest finally shouts after three hours of children’s cathedral, beaming with joy.

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