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Companies that want to survive on the market must initiate innovative projects to strengthen or expand their position. This affects both young and existing companies. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get these projects financed. Although the project has great potential and even has a unique selling point, companies often have problems raising the necessary capital. Classic financing is now rejected by many banks; so investors must be found in other ways. What many people don’t know is that there are now other, more innovative ways to finance. Dimitri Haussmann and his team from Crypto Comparison know what these look like and how best to proceed.

Cryptocurrencies are considered the ideal way to finance a project

One way to finance a company is to issue shares. However, it is now also becoming more and more attractive to sell company shares via blockchain. This is a modern way to get investors on board. Legal securities can thus be placed on the market via a Security Token Offering (STO) on a blockchain basis.

Equally attractive is the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which is based on a cryptocurrency. To ensure that financing via cryptocurrencies works smoothly, the crypto comparison experts support the companies. In the past, ICO projects were often ridiculed, but today they have established themselves as a legitimate means of financing.

Crypto Comparison works with the company to develop an individual strategy for business financing

Before launching the cryptocurrency, the Crypto Comparison team clarifies all the requirements so that the financial regulator can give the green light to the project. The concept includes a white paper that acts as a kind of business plan and contains all the details of the project. In addition, an optimally developed website and an investor dashboard are required so that investors can buy tokens directly. To be allowed to do this, they must first register and verify. The token is placed on the blockchain and then programmed. The next step is marketing; To this end, the agency builds its own community, advertises on social media, publishes specialist articles in the relevant media, works together with influencers and thus ensures that solvent investors are continually won over to the project.

High success rate for successful financing

Dimitri Haussmann’s full-service agency specializes in the crypto market and corporate financing via cryptocurrencies. The success rate is correspondingly high for successful financing of new projects. There has now been a move around and therefore the company can no longer accept every request. Companies must therefore first apply to Crypto Comparison in order to complete their financing via a cryptocurrency. For this purpose, information about the project plan must be provided in an online questionnaire. The expert team reviews the documentation and, once reviewed, sits down with the business to determine a campaign’s potential. In a joint analysis, an individual strategy is then developed in the first meeting.

Dimitri Haussmann is the founder and CEO of Crypto Comparison. His agency is now one of the leaders in the DACH region when it comes to implementing successful ICO and STO projects.

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