Driving to school: Parents put their own and other children at risk

1st graders: Drive to school

That’s how dangerous the parents’ taxi is

The road to school is dangerous, especially for inexperienced first graders. As a result, many parents drive their children to school by car, making the situation even worse.

Now school starts again. It has already started in some cantons and the others will follow in the next three weeks. Many children are now making their first independent experiences in road traffic on the way to school. Not without danger, especially for first graders who, in addition to learning the ABCs and times tables, still need to learn how to properly assess and avoid road hazards.

Many parents therefore want to play it safe. Instead of practicing in advance how to get to school with their children, they prefer to drive their offspring to school in the so-called parent taxi – even if it is only a few hundred meters away. The numbers seem to prove them right: around 40 percent of all serious accidents involving children happen on the way to school. Statistics from the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) show around two accidents on the way to school per year. school day in 2021. Last year there were 532 accidents, of which 452 resulted in injuries.

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