The system of function and design. Gira System 55.

Product Report | 08/08/2022

Good design is the result of a clear design language – and this shows in practice in the long term. In many cases, this is achieved through a system concept that provides flexibility and convinces in daily use. This is how the Gira System 55 has developed over the years: with ever-new design ideas with the same basic format.

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The Gira System 55 has existed since 1998 – and right from the start great emphasis was placed on timeless modern design. To this day, the modular system stands for reliability in design and the basic size of 55 mm. On the other hand, for the continuous further development of its range of functions.

This recipe for success also works because the Gira System 55 series has the right variants for every interior taste. An advantage for electrical retailers and installers, who can easily fulfill their customers’ wishes. With the Gira System 55, you can choose between numerous inserts and frames in different colors, designs and materials. So if you are looking for a switch program that suits your individual needs, the Gira System 55 has a wide selection to choose from:
Gira E2, Gira E3, Gira Standard 55, Gira Esprit, Gira Event or Gira Studio – from classically simple to trendy and modern.

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(Image: GIRA)

Three typical contact areas in the Gira System 55:

Gira E2

The design original for the Gira System 55 is the Gira E2. Thanks to the clear, reduced design, the timeless switch series can be harmoniously integrated into many different interior styles. Customers choose the unbreakable, UV-resistant plastic in the colors pure white satin, pure white glossy, gray matt, aluminum (painted), black matt, anthracite or stainless steel.
Accents can still be set with the minimalist look of the Gira E2: for example, with the elegant variant with high-quality stainless steel in a cool silver shine.

Gira E3

Round and square don’t have to be a contradiction. As, for example, with the Gira E3 switch series. Here, the angular inserts and the rounded frames complement each other harmoniously. Those interested can choose between a satin or glossy soft-touch surface. Always elegant, the Gira E3 design line offers a wide range of colors for the deck frame: from puristic, glossy pure white to warm shades of gray and subtle brown.
Attractive form meets well-thought-out function: The soft surface of the Gira E3 design line is largely resistant to signs of wear and feels pleasantly soft with every touch.

Gira Esprit

The Gira Esprit design line gives it that certain something and a touch of extravagance – with high-quality materials such as glass, metal, stainless steel or linoleum multiplex. Exclusive accents are set in the elegant bronze color variant. The glossy frame glass stands out impressively on light or dark backgrounds – set in black, white, mint or umber. The metal frame’s shimmering matte finish exudes elegant understatement. In aluminum, aluminum black, aluminum brown, aluminum light gold, chrome and stainless steel, the frames match a timeless interior. Gira Esprit linoleum plywood, on the other hand, appeals to people who prefer natural materials and a clear design language. Here, for the first time, plastic and natural wood are combined in one switch area.

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Combine design lines and cut freely

Regardless of which of the six design lines customers choose, they can use all inserts in the Gira System 55. The inserts are available in five system colors:
Pure white glossy, pure white satin, anthracite, gray matt and black matt.

Design options and color variants

The frames and inserts in the Gira System 55 offer almost unlimited design possibilities. Each switch is discreetly integrated into the design of the room – or deliberately sets a design accent. From classic, hard-wearing thermoplastic frames to exclusive variants of real material in glass and metal, the selection is large. In addition, each contact series is available in several color variants – for even more individual flexibility.

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Adjustments and extensions

The taste is different – ​​and sometimes it changes. The Gira System 55 supports every new design wish. The uniform 55 x 55 mm basic dimensions make it possible to replace frames and inserts quickly and economically. This makes it a pleasure to redesign your own four walls.
An investment in the Gira System 55 is also an investment with foresight. Because the system convinces customers quickly – but also in the long term with its expansion options.

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