The Bamberg FW-BuB-FDP parliamentary group is committed to Gaustadt children

Enables safe schooling in Gaustadt

“A safe route to school is the basis for a successful school day,” said parliamentary group leader Martin Pöhner (FDP), emphasizing the continuous commitment of the FW-BuB-FDP parliamentary group in the Bamberg district for years. “For years I have been mediating discussions between owners, parents and the city administration to make it possible for our children to get to school safely, especially from the megalithic square to the elementary school,” explains Gaustadt city councilor Daniela Reinfelder (BuB).

Fortunately, many families with children came to the district because of the new development on the former Megalith site. However, the road to school is dangerous for primary school children in several places. Therefore, the parliamentary group once again urges the administration to enable a safe route together with the residents and also to lower the maximum speed on the Gaustadter Hauptstraße. A safe school road can also reduce traffic directly in front of the primary school.

Due to the many new children in the district, the number of pupils at the primary school is also increasing. In the next two school years, a total of two new classes must be formed and all-day care must be ensured for more children.

“During a site visit with the school’s management and the responsible administrative staff, we got a really good insight into the local conditions,” explains Martin Pöhner. And Claudia John (FW), who is a primary school teacher herself, adds: “When expanding, the school’s excellent pedagogical concept must also be taken into account!” According to the parliamentary group’s request, the next step must be checked by experts regarding to what extent the extension of the roof and the empty caretaker’s apartment can be completed. “Children are our future! And this is exactly where we must not cut corners, least of all with the quality of care!” concludes John.

Application: reintroduction of 30 km/h on Gaustadter Hauptstrasse

Dear Lord Mayor,

We hereby submit the following request:

The administration is investigating the reintroduction of Tempo 30 on Gaustadter Hauptstrasse.

Reason: the parameters have changed significantly since the court ordered the removal of 30 km/h on Gaustadter Hauptstrasse. The amount of traffic has increased, there are more bicycles, the former claimant has died, and there are significantly more children in Gaustadt. The police traffic safety watch would welcome it, as well as the school, the kindergartens, the citizens’ association Gaustadt and many citizens. Therefore, we ask you to check which parts of Gaustadter Hauptstraße, especially the part of the city entrance from Bischberg, the intersection with Breitäckerstraße, the area between the elementary school and the middle school, the shopping centers and the exit of the ERBA bridge can become a 30 km/h zone again.

No costs are expected for the exam.

Thank you in advance for the efforts and the efforts of the city administration!

Application: Functional expansion of Gaustadt primary school

Dear Lord Mayor,

We hereby submit the following request:

In close collaboration with the school’s management, the administration prepares an expansion concept for the school’s top floor. Reason: For the future-oriented operation of Gaustadt primary school, it is urgently necessary to create new rooms for additional school classes as well as rooms for full-day care. A solution in container form is not appropriate due to lack of space outside. Therefore, the existing premises on the top floor of the school (the janitor’s apartment and adjacent areas of the roof are empty) should be checked as soon as possible and a concept presented. Due to the influx of many families to the megalithic area and also to Gaustadt in general, the number of enrollments in the school has increased enormously. Additional building areas may be added in the coming years. Therefore, you should act quickly.

Cost coverage is not currently necessary, as the work can be carried out in our own property management.

Thank you in advance for the efforts and the efforts of the city administration!

Yours sincerely
Claudia John, FW Councillor
Daniela Reinfelder, BuB city council member
Martin Pöhner, FDP city council

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