Sculpture and drawing workshop for children at Kitzen rectory

Pegau/Kitzen. The summer vacation is not just for swimming and lounging. They can even be the opposite of boring: creative, varied, stimulating and inspiring – like the sculpture and drawing courses by Jiang Bian-Harbort and Sebastian Harbort in Kitzen rectory. Since 2016, the couple has offered interested children and young people the opportunity to try art during this time.

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Outdoor workshop for young sculptors

In the second holiday week, 15 girls and boys between the ages of eight and 16 visited the outdoor workshop, including three Ukrainian students who currently live in Elstertrebnitz. The farm was like an anthill. They created small works of art on paper or in stone using drawing pencils, mallets and clubs.

“We are pleased to be able to offer our summer course again,” said Jiang Bian-Harbort. She thanked the city administration of Pegau, the youth welfare office and the parish of Kitzen for their unbureaucratic support. “We do more than just church,” explained Claudia Lange, president of the parish church council, with a laugh. Art and culture have always played a large role in the church work in Kitzen.

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A faithful companion from Pegau

One of the most eager and creative young artists is Lia Ahrens from Pegau. The 16-year-old almost never misses an offer from Havnene and recently even participated in the shadow theater “The White Snake” in the Groitzsch library. “She is our most faithful companion,” said Sebastian Harbort, pleased with the girl’s interest and supporting her in working on a woman’s torso.

“I like drawing women’s bodies,” said the student, whose favorite subject is chemistry but is conflicted about physics. Her heart has always beat for art. Painting, sculpture, ceramics – Lia Ahrens has tried everything and looks at a small gallery of her work at home. The stone woman’s torso also finds its place in her room again.

Putting the Kitzener Nikolaikirche on paper

“It’s not about saying who is good or bad at something, but that the children have fun with the work and enjoy the creation process,” said Jiang Bian-Harbort, who studied graphic design in her native China and later art history in Dresden and studied sculpture.

With a practiced eye, she assisted the would-be artists, drawing their attention to the big picture as well as to supposed minutiae. This year the focus was on a significant historical building: the church of Saint Nikolai in Kitzen.

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Twin brothers draw, sew and make ceramics

Ella Glauche from Pegau, at eight years the youngest at the summer workshop, and the ten-year-old twins Nick and Marc Wappler from Kitzen had just come out of the church with their pencil drawings in their hands. “It’s nice to work with Jiang. She’s a real artist,” the soon-to-be third grader said appreciatively.

The boys, on the other hand, are already old hands when it comes to workshop work. “We’ve already attended a number of painting, ceramics and sewing classes,” said Nick, who is six minutes older and has a soft spot for maths at school. “My favorite subject,” smiled the incoming fifth grader. “Actually, it’s not that hard, unless I make a mistake, forget a comma or something.” His little brother Marc loves German and sports – and of course the holiday courses in the vicarage.

Ella Glauche (from left) and twins Nick and Marc Wappler took part in Jiang Bian-Harbort’s painting course in the vicarage in Kitzen. They have just returned home from an examination of drawings in Saint Nikolai Church.

From sketch to sculpture

As every year, Sebastian Harbort took care of the sculpture group in the yard. Most of the children chose an animal representation, said the theater sculptor, a theme was not given. First they made a pencil sketch, then the motif was modeled in clay.

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“We translate the idea from two to three dimensions,” explained the expert. He provided the children with all possible practical support along with a number of books. The sculptures themselves were made from Cotta sandstone, a light yellow, soft sculpting stone that is also used at the annual plein airs in Pegau. He can be edited well.

Exhibition on the day of the open monument

Before each child can take their finished sculpture or drawing home, the works will, as before, be exhibited in the vicarage on the day of the open monument on 11 September. Jiang Bian-Harbort has already announced the next course for the autumn holidays: a pottery workshop from 17 to 19 October in the parish barn in Kitzen. Registrations are already being accepted.


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