New design for iPad 2022: This is how the tablet could look

Internet portal “My Smart Price” from India has leaked CAD renderings of the new iPad 2022.

Therefore, the popular Apple tablet had to get a new design, with which it must be adapted optically to the current Pro, Air and Mini iPads. In addition, it must be equipped with a larger display.

However, the biggest change may be the charging port. The current Lightning port could be replaced with a USB-C connection. This is supported by a decision by the EU that devices must be equipped with USB-C from mid-2024.

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Will the iPad get a completely new design? Apparently yes – at least if “My Smart Price” is to be believed. Then there is the internet portal from India CAD renderings of the new iPad 2022 Before. Apparently, a manufacturer of iPad covers leaked the renderings to the technology portal. The tenth generation of the popular Apple tablet may appear as early as September 2022 and accordingly came with a changed appearance.

iPad 2022 design: Leaked CAD renderings surfaced

According to the leaked renderings, the iPad could optically closer to the current models from the Pro, Air and Mini series. This means flatter edges and a slimmer design. However, the usual functions remain unchanged. So on the front the new iPad keeps The home button at the bottom and the camera at the top. The renders also look like the iPad will still only have one camera. However, it seems so Camera module revised and expanded with a flash to have remained At the bottom end, the speakers are as usual, while the power and speaker buttons are in their usual places at the top end and on the right side.

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Will the new iPad 10 get a bigger screen?

“My Smart Price” will also have details for the new screen on the iPad 2022 know. Apparently the screen could be a little bigger. The current dimensions: 248.6 x 179.5 x 7.0 millimeters. On the other hand, 250.6 x 174.1 x 7.5 millimeters are possible. So the new iPad 10 could slightly wider, shorter and thinner than the current generation.

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iPad 2022: Will USB-C replace the Lightning port?

However, the renderings leave one question unanswered. The position of the charging cable was hidden behind a red patch. As a result, it remains unclear whether the iPad 10 will already be equipped with a USB-C port. The iPad currently still charges via the Lightning port. After an EU decision, Apple must buy new devices from mid-2024 with USB-C connection Error. If this is already the case, it seems very likely that the new iPad 10 can only be used with Bluetooth headphones. There would then no longer be any connectivity options for the AirBuds that are currently still compatible via the Lightning port. The leaked renders also don’t provide a jack connection. At best, adapters could remedy the situation (as with jack-to-Lightning port adapters).

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