Campaign for children in the Meerbusch city library

Preparation for registration
Monopig and first day of school

In preparation for the upcoming school enrollment, there was a reading and usage campaign for children in the Østerath district library, as well as a surprise for the school cone.

Anita, Clara and Eva sit as still as a mouse around the table. The events in the story from Anna Böhm’s sticker book “Emmi and Einschwein – Einschwein’s first day at school” are exciting and partly reflect her own feelings at the moment. Because Anna and Clara can go to school for the first time in a few days and are just as excited as the main character Einschwein.

Anita feels the same way. She moved to Osterath with her parents from Neuss, will be in a new third grade when school starts and is looking forward to meeting her classmates.

Birgit Arnold is particularly concerned with this excitement, but also with the expectation of something new. The Meerbusch City Library employee has been responsible for the Osterath district library for 22 years and loves working with children: “Sometimes we support them until they finish high school. The connections often last a long time, and sometimes we also get to know the next generation.” It all starts with a reading and needlework campaign for school starters. “It’s the first bond we form with the children. It’s the earliest start, and we try to expand it all,” explains Birgit Arnold.

There is a collaboration with two kindergartens from Strümp and Osterath: “They come by once a month to read to the pre-school children. The children can also borrow books there.” Perhaps Lank-Latum will soon do something similar. Since August 1, Clara Wichmann has been responsible for the district library there and accompanied Birgit Arnold to this year’s preschool campaign.

After the reading session, Anita, Clara and Eva concentrate on making bookworms. They are prefabricated from wood, can be painted, have wobbly eyes glued on if desired and have two eyes through which threads can be pulled. The bookworm can then be hung up or used as a bookmark. Each copy looks different. Because the children themselves choose the color combination. “Everyone can design the bookworms as they like,” promises Birgit Arnold. The action in the town library distracts the children a little from the excitement about the start of school.

After all, Anita, Clara and Eva are also looking forward to this day: “Grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle and many others are coming to us.” Although Clara and Eva cannot read themselves yet, they already have favorite books. “I like ‘Mrs. Honey’ best,” says Clara, and Eva is interested in “Asterix and Obelix”. Anita likes to read Harry Potter books and watch the movies afterwards. She and Clara are looking forward to the art class. Eva, on the other hand, explains: “I like sports best.”.

There is another surprise for the school cone from the city library. “We think that a loan card belongs in every bag. It’s free up to the age of 18,’ adds Birgit Arnold, who is responsible for purchasing children’s and non-fiction books for Meerbusch City Library and thinks it’s exciting to deal with the new topics, for example environmental protection.

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