NFT Gaming: “Profitmaking” Not Wanted: Mojang Studios Bans NFTs in Minecraft | news

• Blockchain-based products are now banned in Minecraft

• The ban must ensure a good and fair atmosphere in society

• In the past, players disagreed on whether NFTs should be integrated into regular games

NFTs related to Minecraft content may no longer be used

The exact wording of the blog post, published in response to an increasing number of questions from the community: “NFTs are not inclusive of the entire community and create a scenario of haves and have-nots.” Speculative pricing and an intense investment mentality would divert focus from the game and lead to profits – “we feel that is not consistent with long-term enjoyment and success for players.” Additionally, they are concerned that some third-party products are not reliable and could cost players money in the long run.


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Therefore, it concludes: “To ensure that Minecraft players have a safe and inclusive experience, blockchain technologies must not be integrated into our Minecraft client and Minecraft server applications or used to create NFTs related to game content, including worlds , skins, persona elements, or other mods.”

NFT Worlds wants to create its own game where NFTs are allowed

With this move, Mojang Studios – part of Microsoft since 2014 – is going in a different direction as more and more classic game developers jump on the trend set by NFT games Axie Infinity, Decentraland and TheSandbox. For example, BTC-ECHO reports that Square Enix is ​​planning its first NFT collection for 2023 to mark the 25th anniversary of “Final Fantasy 7,” tied to physical trading cards.

Therefore, not all game fans are excited about the decision about NFTs in Minecraft published in the blog post: the team behind NFT Worlds, which according to Wired has put months into the development of blockchain-based products for Minecraft, has already announced its own game in a press release to create. This should be easy for Minecraft players to understand and offer many similar options – just supplemented with NFT features.

Mojang Studios recognizes the popularity of NFTs

This means that Minecraft – according to Statista by far the most successful video game of all time (total sales of 238 million) – may soon face serious competition. But Mojang Studios will also have made some players happy with its announcement: when Ubisoft announced at the end of 2021 that they would integrate NFTs into a popular game, it triggered a shitstorm on social media.

In any case, Mojang Studios wants to keep Minecraft popular. In the blog post, the game maker explains: “We recognize that creations in our games have a special value, and we strive to create a marketplace where this value is recognized.” More precise plans are not yet known, but Minecraft and NFT fans can remain curious.


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