Fractal Design scales down Meshify 2 and Define 7

Attention fans of compact systems: Fractal Design is launching the popular Meshify 2 and Define 7 cases in a shrunken mini and nano version. There are now three models to choose from, specifically for Mini-ITX boards – either Silent, Airflow or a mix of both.

Fractal Design seems to be a real buzz this year. On the presented in February Torrent Nano/Compact followed in May it Meshify 2 RGB/Lite and then at the end of June The Pop series is available in 20 variants. The fresh nano and mini variants of the Meshify 2 and Define 7 are now the fourth case launch of 2022, and we can already reveal that the end of this year’s fractal roadmap has not yet been reached. 😉

Both Meshify 2 and Define 7 are no strangers to cases, as both have been on the market for some time. So far, however, both series have only been available as a midi tower or a slightly less compact version. For even smaller systems, both series are now available in one Mini variant for Micro-ATX boards and one Nano variant for Mini-ITX boards extended. Unlike the Define series, which already had a small model in the form of the Define Nano S, the ITX case for the Meshify series is a novelty.

The new Nanos for Mini-ITX boards

Let’s first focus on the two nano variants. All in all, you can up to 6x 120 mm fans in the two cases 2x at the front, 2x in the lid, 1x at the back and 1x at the bottom (without HDD bracket). Two Dynamic X2 fans are pre-installed from the factory, one 140 at the front and one 120 at the rear. If you want to use water cooling, you can 240 mm or 280 mm radiator in front accommodate.

The CPU cooler can be a maximum of 167mm high for it Graphics card holder up to 331 mm available (max. 306 mm with front fan). A 3.5″ HDD has its own mounting compartment behind the power supply unit, and up to 3x 2.5″ SSDs can also be installed. And to keep the interior neat and clean, there are all important points removable dust filters (front, top, bottom).

Images: Fractal Design

For the simplest possible hardware installation, Fractal also gives the Meshify 2 Nano and Define 7 Nano a fairly modular format. You can, for example, remove the lid, to better connect cables at the top edge of the motherboard. The cable management is included 8x Velcro straps supported on the back of the motherboard tray. Finally, there is a lush front panel, including USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C.

The miniduo for Micro-ATX boards

If, on the other hand, you don’t want it so small, you can e.g multiple storage drives or fans to be able to fit in the computer should take a look at the new mini models. Up to 7x 120 mm fans can be accommodated here, 3x at the front, 2x in the cover, 1x at the back and 1x at the bottom (without HDD bracket). Unlike the nano variants, the two mini houses can also accommodate a 240/280 mm radiator 240 mm radiator in the lid accommodate.

Of course, dust filters should not be missing in the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Mini and Define 7 Mini. The maximum sizes for the CPU cooler and graphics card are also identical here: 167mm max for the cooler, 331mm max for the graphics card (306mm max with front fan). However, there are several options for storage drives. Next to two 3.5″ brackets Two 2.5″ mounting brackets are also available behind the power supply.

Images: Fractal Design

Prices and availability

Fractal now offers Meshify 2 and Define 7 in mini and nano versions. In terms of price, they start Nanos for 109.99 euros RRP, the Minis are available from 112.99 euros Guidance price. While the Define 7 Nano/Mini is available in black with a steel or glass side panel, the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Nano/Mini will “only” be available as a TG version with a glass side panel – but then possibly in black or white.

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