Crypto Nerds: One of the largest NFT communities

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are becoming more and more relevant in the digital world. A large number of people want to understand them and deal with them. What is the best way to invest in cryptocurrencies? Are NFTs worth buying? NFT Club Crypto Nerds supports its members with valuable recommendations. Membership of the club gives you access to a closed community and gives you the opportunity to connect with like-minded people. Crypto Nerds stands for joint profit maximization. For this purpose, the club has developed its own projects that are available to all members.

Facts about the club

After Andreas Belocerkov had accumulated a great knowledge of the crypto industry, NFTs and much more over a long period of time, he pursued his passion and founded his own NFT club Crypto Nerds. The club is now one of the largest, growing NFT communities in the DACH region. With the emergence also arose an NFT collection in the form of dogs, which have a personal meaning for the expert. By purchasing a virtual dog, you gain access to the club and donate to animal shelters at the same time.

At first glance, the entry fee is not small, but it is worth it. With the right tools, Crypto Nerds helps its members gain knowledge about cryptocurrency and NFTs. This should make it possible for everyone to weigh risks and achieve an optimal profit. Crypto Nerds stands for community investment and capital building.

How can profits be made?

At Crypto Nerds, it is impossible not to increase your capital. Part of the money generated from NFT sales is invested in profitable projects. The profit generated is distributed equally among all members. This gives you a minimum return of 6% and up to 25%. What is usually only possible with large investment companies is made possible by Crypto Nerds: With your own NFT, you can invest in crowdfunding projects and safely achieve high returns.

Profits can also be made with the club’s own Move2earn project, which will be launched in the near future. You go for a walk with your virtual dog. The further you go, the more game tokens you can earn, which can then be exchanged for fiat money.

A club for every crypto enthusiast

Whether you are a beginner, investor or expert – Crypto Nerds welcomes everyone and can also offer added value for everyone. There are various training courses and programs for beginners that provide basic knowledge for crypto transactions. You can access modules on investment basics, simple beginner strategies and much more. Experts can also participate in courses and deepen their knowledge. Through contact with like-minded people, experiences can be exchanged and knowledge expanded. At several regular offline or online events, you can get to know other club members and also benefit from their experiences. And one thing is guaranteed for everyone: profit maximization.

What does membership get you?

Crypto Nerds offers other benefits besides profit optimization, training and the opportunity to network and expand your knowledge. Members get the opportunity to communicate with top experts, constant support from the team and the community. You have the opportunity to get answers to all questions related to crypto.

You get customized solutions for transactions as well as the best tools used in the crypto world. Live and online events are regularly offered to all members. In addition, Crypto Nerds ensures that with the knowledge generated, a regular income and safe investments are a sure success. Buying a Crypto Nerds NFT gives you VIP status, a mentor by your side and a ticket to all events.

Do you also want to learn more about crypto, earn profit maximizing transactions, earn money with a walk and earn regular income? So sign up now for a free Zoom call and secure your very own Crypto Nerds Dog NFT.

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