Powerful TVs with a brilliant picture

TVs from Xiaomi score with a great design, brilliant picture, an attractive price-performance ratio and the Android TV operating system, which makes Xiaomi TVs particularly versatile: you simply connect your Xiaomi mobile phone and other compatible devices to your Xiaomi TV and benefits from a network experience Control. Here we explain what characterizes the Xiaomi Q1 QLED, P1 LED and A2 series.

This article is made in collaboration with Xiaomi.

The benefits of Xiaomi TV at a glance

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Xiaomi TVs have a slim, frameless design.

Image: © Xiaomi 2022

  • Better pictures with HDR: On Xiaomi TVs, you can enjoy content with a particularly high dynamic range. The colors are brighter, the contrasts are better and more natural. Xiaomi TVs are compatible with the HDR standards HLG and HDR10+ and so on advanced Dolby Vision, where dynamic metadata ensures that each and every film scene is optimally adapted. Contrast values ​​and color saturation benefit from this.
  • Premium design: Xiaomi TVs score with a modern look and most of all frameless design – and guarantees a particularly intense TV experience. The Q1E even has a metal frame and metal feet, further emphasizing the TV in terms of feel and design.
  • AndroidTV: With Xiaomi TV you get a comprehensive smart TV experience and can easily access more than 400,000 movies and series like more than 7,000 apps access. Thanks to the integrated voice control, you can perform even complex tasks with simple voice commands within a range of three meters and control your television hands-free.
  • smart home hub: Connect multiple smart home devices to your Xiaomi TV. You can integrate compatible devices via the Xiaomi Home app and control them via comfortable dashboard live on TV. You turn smart lights on and off, change their brightness and color temperature. You also operate air cleaners, fans and cameras – and even the air fryer.
  • Value for money: Xiaomi TV is attractively priced and offers a very good ratio between price and performance – without compromising on equipment, design, image quality and software.

Xiaomi TV
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Xiaomi TV Q1E: Flagship TV with a brilliant QLED image at an attractive price

Xiaomi TV Q1E, the current high-end model from Xiaomi at a fair price, promises a TV experience at the highest level. Even the design knows how to convince: A narrow frame around the screen round, the precious metal finish and the double stand design give a noble look.

Xiaomi TV Q1E 55″ QLED TV
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Brilliant QLED screen

The high point is 55-inches QLED screen with sharp 4K resolution. QLED devices have significant advantages over traditional LCD TVs, such as higher brightness, excellent contrast and large color volume when viewing HDR content. Together with the powerful stereo sound system with 30 watts of power and support for high-resolution audio formats such as Dolby Audio and DTS-HD, you can enjoy movies and series in excellent quality.

Android TV and voice control for more ease of use

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Android TV gives you easy access to apps and games.

Image: © Xiaomi 2022

Xiaomi TV Q1E not only sets new standards in terms of design, picture and sound – it also smart operating system Android TV makes the viewing experience better. You download apps, games, movies and series and control your Xiaomi TV conveniently and of course with your voice with Google Assistant. Dedicated buttons on the remote for streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video make it easy to directly access your favorite content.

Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 75″: Huge TV screen for a real home theater feeling

If it can be a size larger, the Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 with its gigantic screen diagonal of 75 inches is an excellent choice. His ingredients for success: A frameless QLED screen with 4K and smooth 120Hz playback, voice control with Google Assistant and a comprehensive smart TV experience with Android TV – including a sophisticated control center for your smart home devices. You integrate compatible devices such as smart lights via the Xiaomi Home App and operate them conveniently via the intuitive dashboard or with your voice.

Xiaomi MI TV Q1 75″ QLED TV
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360 degree remote control with dedicated buttons for your favorite apps

that practical 360 degree remote control with Bluetooth works from all angles and from all directions and makes zapping through the TV program particularly convenient. Separate buttons for Netflix provide quick access to the content of the streaming service. It is just as easy to transfer content such as music, photos and videos from your Xiaomi mobile phone to the big TV screen via the integrated Miracast or Chromecast.

Powerful sound system with 30 watts of power for first-class sound

The strong 30 watt stereo speakers, consisting of two tweeters and four woofers, creates an atmospheric sound stage for the latest blockbusters and your favorite series. If you have Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 75″ in the living room, you can enjoy home cinema at the highest level – and at a fair price.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1: Concentrated TV experience at a low price

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Xiaomi Mi TV P1

Image: © Xiaomi 2022

With the Xiaomi Mi TV P1, the manufacturer also has a special cheap model with an LED screen – you don’t have to compromise. The Mi TV P1 also impresses with its frameless design and integrates seamlessly into your living environment on the TV stand as well as on the wall.

Xiaomi MI LED TV P1 43 LCD TV
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Xiaomi TV A2: Chic Smart TV for 4K beginners

Xiaomi TV A2
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The Xiaomi TV A2 offers an elegant look at a very reasonable price.

Image: © Xiaomi 2022

With the new A2 series, Xiaomi combines a low entry price with high-quality optics. With slim screen edges in a metallic look, the units can be discreetly integrated into the living room at home – either standing or wall-mounted.

Xiaomi TV-A2
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4K, HDR and cinematic sound

Xiaomi offers the A2 in screen sizes of 32, 43, 50 and 55 inches. Technically, all devices have a 4K panel with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and support for HDR 10, HLG and Dolby Vision. As a result, current cinema films can be experienced not only in sharp detail, but also with a high dynamic range and lifelike colors.

Two integrated 12-watt speakers provide sound. The real highlight, however, is the support for high-resolution audio codecs such as DTS-HD and Dolby Audio for a true home theater experience.

Android TV provides a veritable stream of apps

The devices in the A2 series are particularly convincing as Smart TVs. Thanks to the Android TV 11 interface, you have access to all major streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Video, as well as thousands of other apps via the Google Play Store. The television is operated via the included 360-degree Bluetooth remote control or by voice control via Google Assistant.


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