Nuremberg/Fürth: children in hospital after an EHEC outbreak

  • EHEC outbreak in Franconia: Various Day care centers in Nuremberg and Fürth affected
  • children hold on to dangerous intestinal bacteria on – and become seriously ill
  • More kids admitted to University Hospital Erlangen – The National Board of Health closes the daycare
  • “Possible Source” identified: the authorities’ comment Suspected EHEC cause

IN Nuremberg and Fuerth is more EHEC cases occurred. children different day care institutions stuck with intestinal bacteria and some got sick difficult. Several children are currently hospitalized at University Hospital Erlangen processed. In Nuremberg, the facility in question has now been approved by the Ministry of Health closed until further notice.

Update from 3 August 2022: More children admitted to Erlangen University Hospital – day care closed after EHEC outbreak

The latest EHEC outbreaks in Nuremberg and Fürth in the meantime new information Before. Several small children who attend different daycare centers in the two neighboring towns have been infected with intestinal bacteria – with sometimes serious consequences.

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), EHEC infections bloody diarrhea cause. The germs are therefore particularly feared because they can lead to serious illness and death – especially in young children.

“As far as we know, three children from Fürth and two children from Nuremberg seriously ill,’ reports Tobias Thiem from the city of Fürth Tuesday evening (August 2, 2022). The affected children show signs of the so-called to the head of the daycare department at the Office for Children, Youth and Families. hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS).

“Four children are still hospitalized at University Hospital Erlangen”

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, HUS is a disease, which can manifest in blood coagulation disorders, destruction of the red blood cells and even acute kidney failure. According to Thiem, the children in the region are “struck by serious diseases”. in medical treatment.

According to the spokesman for the Fürth district office, Christian Ell, five other children also detected EHEC. Numerous faecal finds are also still missing. According to the authorities, the infected are children between two and six years old. “There are still four children stationary in University Hospital Erlangen,’ explains Ell on Wednesday (3 August 2022). on demand.

According to the district office, the daycare provider has Measures to limit the spread of infection seized. Sick children may only use one medical certificate back to the facility. “All parents were offered, along with disclosure of information, a stool sample even if the kids don’t show symptoms,” reports Ell strict hygiene regulationswhen it comes to washing hands, disinfecting or serving food. “As far as we know, a other restaurateur tasked with providing food,” says Ell.

EHEC cases at daycare centers in Nuremberg and Fürth – catering company as cause?

About the catering company that last delivered to day care centers in Nuremberg and Fürth actually Source of the EHEC outbreak formed, has not yet been determined. The cause is still being researched, says Dr. Ulrike Goeken-Haidl, spokeswoman for the health department of the city of Nuremberg Wednesday with In Nuremberg, the concerned daycare center by the Board of Health temporarily closed. The facility will remain closed until Friday.

First report from 29 July 2022: EHEC outbreak in Nuremberg and Fürth – children are infected with intestinal bacteria

According to the current status, in Nuremberg and in Fürth up to six small children with intestinal bacteria Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia Coli (EHEC) infected. This was reported by the city of Nuremberg on Friday (July 29, 2022) in a press release.

So the children come to visit different day care institutions in Furth respectively Nuremberg. “The responsible authorities – the responsible health office as infection protection and the supervisory office as food surveillance authority – work closely with the supervisory authorities at the level of the government of Middle Franconia and the Free State of Bavaria,” the city says.

According to the city of Nuremberg, the authorities have cause of the outbreak researched. As a “possible source” was therefore a catering company identified, which supplies both daycare centers. Since the food business operator keeps food samples of the last delivered food as a standard measure for self-control (so-called “reserve samples”), the food surveillance authorities must be contacted immediately samples taken been

EHEC: Diarrheal diseases with sometimes serious complications possible

“Gathered eleven samples is currently being evaluated in the laboratory to gain knowledge of cause of bacterial transmission to win”, announces the city of Nuremberg.

In order to support the investigation, doctors, parents or staff in care facilities should inform the responsible health department about the occurrence of other possible infections Reportwhere is Suspected EHEC infection consists.

According to the Federal Center for Health Education, EHEC bacteria are found in the intestines of ruminants such as cattle, sheep, goats, deer, or deer. They can produce certain toxins called Shiga toxins. The animals usually do not get sick from it. “But if such bacteria are transferred to humans, they can diarrheal diseases with part serious complications cause,” explains the specialist authority in the department of the Federal Ministry of Health.

The Robert Koch Institute also has detailed specialist information on EHEC on its website.

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