Help for families and children now on the spot

They are happy about the new external consultation hours for educational advice at the Children’s Welfare Association: Mayor Liane Sedlmeier (from left), Caritas board member Manuela Stephan, advisor Christina Bayar, manager Dr. Sandra Scheuer and Irene Fragner and Brigitte Treichl from KSB Osterhofen. – Photo: Schwarzbözl

When there are constant quarrels in the family, parents worry about their children, a baby cries incessantly or young people suffer from their parents’ separation or lovesickness: so Christina Bayar and Dr. Sandra Scheuer, head of Caritas Deggendorf’s education, youth and family counseling center, the right contacts. You are now offering an external consultation with the Osterhofen Child Protection Association.

Their services range from all matters of parenting, child development, baby and toddler counseling to performance disorders at school or emotional problems such as fear, anxiety or depression. Both parents and parents as well as children and young people up to the age of 27 can come to the counselling. With the new law on the protection of children and young people, children can “contact us even without their parents’ knowledge,” explains Sandra Scheuer.

The discussions are free and strictly confidential, regardless of origin or religion and are not limited to a certain number of hours, but take place as needed. This also applies to the participants: Counseling is given to children or young people alone or together with parents or siblings. “Every family is different,” says Sandra Scheuer.

So it is appropriate that the team members have different professional qualifications and can support each other. dr Sandra Scheuer is a psychologist and psychotherapist. As a social worker and above all as a systemic family therapist, Christina Bayar always keeps an eye on the whole family and the environment. Because “every symptom has a reason,” she knows: there is a reason for anger and aggression, truancy, crime and addiction.

It is therefore important that the offer has a low threshold. The advisers work on an outreach basis, which means that they also make home visits and therefore now also offer external consultation hours in Osterhofen. Because the head office in Deggendorf is often difficult to reach for all families, children or young people from the southern district. But the need in Osterhofen is there, as Christina Bayar knows: since June, she has been offering counseling sessions, which have been very well received. Especially after Corona, more people need help. She has therefore increased her consultation hours by two hours. The plan is also to intensify the collaboration with the network partners, such as the social office in Kolpinghuset, school social workers, the youth center or kindergartens.

The Children’s Welfare Association (KSB) is the foundation that Mayor Liane Sedlmeier knows. And chairman Brigitte Treichl’s persistence has paid off. Since 2009, she has pointed out the need for a social office, which is now housed in Kolpinghuset. Now there is also a branch office for educational advice. The supply is not growing for its own sake, but because the need is there, Sedlmeier is sure of the existing problems: “What you can intercept now will benefit society later.”

KSB chairman Treichl is pleased with the new branch office: it is a huge advantage to have the experts on site. Now she can much more easily refer families to the counseling center – with the hope that the offer will be accepted for as long as necessary. And for the child welfare association’s volunteers, there will be more time in the future to organize offers for children.

The Børneværnsforeningen’s cozy premises, which are also equipped with toys, are better suited for educational advice than sober offices. Treichl sees the external consultation hours as a further step towards improving the advice and support structure in Osterhofen. In addition, attempts will be made to reactivate the other collaborations and branch offices that have been shut down by Corona.

The provider of the educational advice is the Caritas district association Deggendorf, explains Manuela Stephan, managing director. There is also state support for outreach educational advice. She thanked the city and the child welfare association for the good and uncomplicated cooperation. − gs The external consultation hour for educational advice in the child welfare association’s premises in Osterhofen takes place every Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. or by appointment. It is absolutely necessary to register by phone in advance phone number 0991/2905510.

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