Crypto Rank: New Technology Helps Coinpanion Users Invest

A German start-up wants to use crypto rankings to determine which crypto projects investors should focus on in these turbulent times.

Bitcoin, Metaverse, NFTs: New trends emerge almost every day, which can be excellent investments if you get started early. Almost all big companies like Facebook (Meta), Microsoft, Tesla and Apple are investing heavily in the area and hiring crypto experts. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently even stated that he owns cryptocurrencies.

Exciting projects in crypto, defi, NFT and metaverse are in full swing, but who has the time to choose the best of the 1000 cryptocurrencies?

Which coins are really good and which should you invest in for the long term? So far, only professional investors have benefited from the crypto boom. This is exactly what “Coinpanion” – a German startup from Vienna and Berlin – wants to change.

Invest easily and automatically with the new crypto ranking

This is the promise from the German start-up Coinpanion, which has caused international attention since its foundation.

With Coinpanion, customers skip the time-consuming research and registration

complicated crypto exchanges. Instead, you only need to register with Coinpanion to be able to invest in ready-made portfolios in the crypto sector. With a single click, you are then automatically involved in the most promising projects on the new internet. With Coinpanion, you don’t have to worry about choosing the right coins and researching the latest crypto, NFT and Metaverse trends yourself. Investment is possible without prior knowledge.

The coins are selected based on the top ranked crypto projects according to the Coinpanion Crypto Score.

New ranking-based score of cryptocurrencies for more transparency and overview

The best crypto projects according to CPSC Score


The best crypto projects according to CPSC Score

© Coinpanion

Behind the brand new Coinpanion Crypto Score (CPCS Score) is a sophisticated data-based methodology already used by FinTechs to select which cryptocurrencies are allowed to enter Coinpanion portfolios.

The CPCS score ranges from 0 to 1000 and results from an analysis of 4 central

partial assessments. According to experts, CPCS may become the industry standard in this context.

So the composition of the Coinpanion portfolios is based on this rank-based score and other quantitative metrics. This ensures that you have exactly the right coins in your portfolio at any time and in any market situation.

More than 1000 cryptocurrencies, NFT, DeFi and Metaverse trends are continuously analyzed and the most promising projects are selected based on data, which is then aggregated into smart portfolio categories.

Coinpanion's portfolios from the iOS app


Coinpanion’s portfolios from the iOS app

© Coinpanion

Portfolios for every type of investor

But as an investor, you can still decide how much risk you want to take and in which areas of the new internet you would like to invest. More NFTs and Metaverse, more cryptocurrencies or the brand new “DeFi” portfolio? The latter includes the exciting technologies behind the crypto boom, such as smart contracts.

You can easily choose these different ready-made portfolios in the app.

Benefits of Coinpanion at a glance

  • Time savings: no time-consuming research and analysis

  • Fundamental analysis: daily analysis of hundreds of crypto projects

  • Simplicity: With a few clicks, you’ll be up and running in just 5 minutes

  • Start bonus: 20 euro deposit bonus with a deposit of more than €500

  • Taxes made easy: Coinpanion creates your free tax report with a single click

  • Made for everyone: Different portfolios according to your risk appetite

  • Secured by recognized banks: Account with the oldest German bank with deposit protection of up to €100,000

Well-known investors on board

The American investor Wicklow Capital, known internationally as an early investor in crypto-unicorns such as Ledger,, NYDIG and Crusoe Energy Systems, the founders of the credit comparison platform, Andreas Kupke and Moritz, also recently involved Thiele and former CMO in Bitpanda, Michael Pötsche

In April, Coinpanion was able to increase the seed investment from autumn 2021 (note: 1.8 million euros) to a total of 5.5 million euros – one of the highest seed investments in the country so far.

Core team of Coinpanion

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Do you also want to be able to have an influence when it comes to the crypto boom and NFTs? Coinpanion is probably the simplest solution in German-speaking countries at the moment. Even small amounts can be invested in the world of tomorrow and without time consumption. In addition, you have the assurance that professionals cover the research of the fast-moving market and that there are real insiders in the founder and investor team from Germany.

As a Macwelt reader, you will be credited with the exclusive investment voucher “Macwelt20” with 20 euros immediately after your first deposit and can invest in the most exciting coins, NFTs and Metaverse projects today in minutes.

Invest now and get a bonus of 20 euros with promo code: Macwelt20

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