12 tips for how your children can sleep better in the heat

Summer could be so beautiful if it weren’t for the problems with the hot apartment and the sleepless nights. The thermometers for the residents in the old building and on the top floor like to show 30 degrees even after the children’s actual bedtime. With these tips against heat, it will be a little more comfortable.

The sun is shining in full force and the thermometer is touching 40 degrees in some places: Summer is finally here! The tropical temperatures draw families to the lake, ordinary meals are replaced by ice cream and watermelon, clothing by swimming trunks or bikinis. So much for one side of the coin.

But the heat wave also has its disadvantages: the apartment just doesn’t cool down, sleep is almost impossible and circulatory problems overtake big and small. In order to really enjoy the benefits of summer, here are tips against the heat so that the whole family can rest at night.

Tips against heat: How to cool the apartment

  1. Broadcast only at night and in the early morning hours. The windows must remain closed during the day.
  2. The main culprit in overheated rooms is direct sunlight. Best help here external roller shutters, because they don’t even let the sun reach the windows. But indoor blinds and curtains also help keep rooms cool.
  3. fans and similar air cooling devices are faithful helpers in a warm apartment. A silent model with an auto-off function is especially good because it does not disturb sleep and can be set not to run continuously throughout the night. You can find such a device here. For children, mini fans with harmless foam rubber blades are also a fun toy that also brings a fresh breeze.
  4. In every household there are secret sources of heat that you can turn off. Electrical appliances play an important role in the room temperature, because televisions, computers and co. emits a lot of heat. So turn off the television and read a good book instead.
  5. Soften towels and sheets in cold water and hang them up in front of the windows. Drying removes heat from the air. This cools the room. In the evening or in the morning, the damp cloths can also be hung in front of the wide-open window: that way, cold air flows in.
  6. Although it is tempting: A open fridge does not help! If the refrigerator is left open for a long time, it takes a long time and a lot of energy to heat up again. This generates a lot of heat on the outside of the refrigerator, which is then released into the room.
  7. Children love to splash around in this weather. Save your little ones before bed wading pool or in the bathtub and only gently rubs the skin so that a light moisture film remains on the skin. During evaporation there is a pleasant cooling effect. It is of course also good for adults.
  8. One Hot water bottle filled with ice cubes and cold water under the covers 15 minutes before bedtime helps to cool the bed. Cooling pads work just as well.
  9. Change the duvets thin plates. You get an extra refreshment if you put it in the fridge for 20 minutes in advance.
  10. Tight pants and tops can be very uncomfortable in the hot temperatures and should rather stay in the closet. Better get going loose and flowing clothes, which allows air to the body. Fabrics such as cotton or linen are particularly suitable because they are air permeable and breathable. This also applies at night: it is simply better to sleep as airy as possible or completely undressed.
  11. Give quick relief to overheated bodies cold hand showers. Simply hold your wrist under the cold tap for 30 seconds or rub it with an ice cube. This helps, at least for a short time, to lower the body temperature.
  12. Need a quick cool down? Fill a bowl or bucket with cold water and bathing the feet in this.

We have even more good tips against heat for you here.

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