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The combination of Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) and the classic Wix Editor now offers users a powerful tool for efficient, consistent website creation and management.

NEW YORK, 29 July 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ltd (NASDAQ: WIX), a leading global SaaS platform for creating, managing and growing an online presence, makes it even easier for users to create beautiful websites. The new Wix Editor simplifies complex design options by combining Wix ADI artificial design intelligence and the classic Wix Editor. The result: a unique design tool paired with advanced AI capabilities. This enables all users, from self-creators to professional web developers, designers and agencies, to quickly translate their web design visions into practice.

The new Wix Editor offers a powerful, efficient and unified web design experience

The new Wix Design solution personalizes the web creation process according to users’ individual ideas: Wix ADI users now have the same customization options that were previously only available in the classic editor. Existing Wix Editor users, on the other hand, now also have advanced AI technology at their disposal to help them create and design, giving them more flexibility and freedom to customize. Whether a website is created without a template, with a template, or using Wix AI technology, all new, advanced features are still available to all users, combined in one powerful feature. The AI ​​tools help create, adapt and update the online presence faster and more efficiently to keep up with frequently changing design trends and business developments.

“Our users’ needs and intentions are paramount when we develop our products,” says Avishai Abrahamico-founder and CEO by Wix. “I’m proud of our dedicated team that listens to our users’ needs, has a keen sense of trends, and has worked to innovate the entire creation process to make web design faster and more intuitive to meet the online needs of today’s creatives and business owners. Our goal has always been to be a platform where every type of user and every business can achieve their dreams online, and the new Wix Editor helps make that happen for the future of creation.”

“With the development of the new Wix Editor, we wanted to give users the feeling that a professional web designer supports them throughout their creation process. Every aspect is designed to guide users according to their intent and simplify the creation process,” says Oded Nachshon, head of Wix Editor. “This new offering is designed to meet the needs of today’s DIYers and professional users. The platform removes barriers that often hinder website building, while allowing users to keep their website updated to keep up with technology.”

Highlights include:

  • Quick creation with complete editing freedom:Users can easily create custom websites that match their brand. You can start your design with advanced AI technology and then continue with rich customization and flexibility.
  • Theme design kit for custom branding:Users can create their own theme or use ready-made sets that include colors and fonts. These in turn link to the elements on the site and allow you to customize your site’s theme to represent your brand consistently across the site. Due to a variety of themes such as retro, nostalgia, energy or technology, users can play around with different themes before committing to one and customize specific colors or fonts within the theme or even create their own theme.
  • Sections for easy navigation: Sections are new customizable building blocks that allow users to divide the page into meaningful pieces of content. They help users arrange and navigate the content on the page more intuitively and edit one section at a time. Users can create their own building blocks or choose from a variety of design presets to create an engaging and cohesive experience for their customers, whether they’re visiting the site from a desktop or mobile device.
  • Suggested Layouts for Design Optimization Sections: Here, AI functions are used to identify the elements of the section and their semantics. Layout proposals are then made that match the sections’ business goals. With this feature, users can easily and safely update the appearance or layout of their pages without affecting existing content.
  • Quick editor for content management:Users can browse all elements in the section and change them in the sidebar without touching the canvas. This allows users to update content without fear of accidentally moving or changing an element, which in turn will affect the design.

The new Wix Editor is currently in the final stages of implementation and will gradually be available to all users.

There is more information about the new editor here.

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