Localcity’s new digitization partner for the Swiss Gymnastics Federation

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Localcities becomes the Swiss Gymnastics Federation’s first digitization partner. The largest digital community and club platform and the umbrella organization for Swiss gymnastics have signed a partnership agreement for three years until mid-2025.

The Swiss Gymnastics Federation (STV) and Localcities join forces. As a digitization partner, the largest digital community and club platform in Switzerland will support STV in the further development and expansion of its online services. In return, the almost 3,000 STV gymnastics clubs will be able to benefit from the attractive platform and special offers from Localcities.

With the aim of building a long-term partnership, STV and Localcities have signed a three-year contract, which will end in mid-2025. and the gymnastics clubs,” says Fabio Corti, Central President of STV, about the new partnership. Béatrice Wertli, director of STV, is also looking forward to the collaboration: “Digitalisation is a top priority for STV. It is therefore very valuable for us to be able to benefit from Localcities’ know-how and extensive experience in this area.”.

Localcities offers all clubs in Switzerland a digital presence free of charge

Localcities reliably collects all relevant information from Swiss municipalities and associations on its digital platform, thereby improving the interaction between citizens, municipalities and regions. Clubs can create their own club profile on Localcities for free, point to their events and thus reach potential members directly in 2148 communities. Anyone who also decides on the website solution from Localcities and the club administration software Localclubs gets a digital all-round package for simple and effective club presentation and administration. Localclubs is available free of charge to clubs with fewer than 100 members.

The Swisscom subsidiary localsearch is the architect behind Localcities. “Our heart beats for every single community and every single association, because we are aware of their enormous importance for coexistence in Switzerland. The citizens are already very digital, the associations still have a great deal of untapped potential. With our experience, we want to follow the clubs on their way towards digitization and help them to digital success. We are very happy that STV, as the foundation of gymnastics, shares this vision with us,” says Stefano Santinelli, CEO of localsearch.

Swiss Gymnastics Federation

STV is the umbrella organization for Swiss gymnastics and, with its 360,000 members, is the largest multi-sport sports association in Switzerland. STV and its gymnastics clubs promote competitive sports and offer the public a wide range of fitness and health sports. In addition, STV represents the interests of its members in relation to sport, politics and business, in line with its promise of values: “We enable sport, exercise and experiences for everyone throughout Switzerland to create community and well-being.”

About local search

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