The Peter Bruckner Prize in Lienz awarded to Martin Koberwein

Prizes were awarded to students and graduates from the “Design, Crafts & Material Culture” course at New Design University (NDU) St. Pölten.

The Peter Bruckner Prize was awarded on 22 July in Peter Bruckner’s former workshop at Ehrenburgstraße 2 in Lienz. In addition, a small series of the winning project was introduced and presented on site. With the support of the DESIGN Foundation and HELLA Sonnen- und Wetterschutztechnik GmbH, this award was given to production designers for the first time in recognition of Peter Bruckner’s work.

Master locksmith Peter Bruckner, born in Lienz in 1935, is an example of the prolific designers of the 20th century who were able to holistically combine design and implementation, technical, entrepreneurial and creative knowledge. “With the Peter Bruckner Prize, we would like to discuss the potential of combining design and production at the beginning of the 21st century with the younger generation and using specific products and processes,” says Stefan Moritsch, initiator and professor of “Design, Crafts and material culture” at the New Design University in St. Pölten.

The Peter Bruckner Award for exhibition by Martin Koberwein

The implementation of the showcase for the public outdoor area by Martin Koberwein is also in line with Peter Bruckner’s motto “Simply simple and yet moving”. As part of his thesis, Koberwein developed a “free sales area” for small products in public spaces at the New Design University. Passers-by can examine the original products designed and made by the designers and, if interested, order the product directly from the designers or craftsmen using a QR code.

Award winner and “Design, Crafts & Material Culture” graduate Koberwein was able to impress the jury from a total of 22 student project submissions. “The showcase convinced the jury due to the originality of the question and the extraordinary detailed elaboration of the technically complex prototype,” said the expert jury consisting of Marco Dessi (designer), Andrea Moya Hoke (designer & assistant professor NDU) and Stefan Moritsch (designer & course leader “Design, Craft and Material Culture”).

In addition to 1,000 euros in prize money, Koberwein also received the assumption of production and material costs for the production of a small series of the award-winning project as part of a design residency. In addition to the Peter Bruckner Award, five recognition awards were also presented to Theresa Binder, Daniel Hummel, Roxanne Kury, Laurenz Kyral and Sarah Lehner.

The winning project by NDU candidate Martin Koberwein

Unique location and guests of honor from business and science

In a unique location – Peter Bruckner’s former workshop – the award winners were honored on 22 July with the support of the DESIGN Foundation and HELLA, Austria’s market leader for sun, light and weather protection systems. In addition, a small series of the winning project was introduced and presented on site.

Andreas Kraler, Managing Partner in the HELLA Group, presented the awards to the young talents. “The Peter Bruckner Prize combines innovative design and craftsmanship. In addition to functionality, design also plays an important role in HELLA products. It is therefore very important for us to promote young design talents and design in general,” explained Kraler.

Economic chamber chairman Michaela Hysek-Unterweger and Rainald Franz, curator of the glass and ceramics collection at the MAK Museum of Applied Arts and curator of the Josef Hoffmann Museum, also congratulated the award winners. Katharina Maria Bruckner, daughter of Peter Bruckner, welcomed all guests to the event on behalf of the Bruckner family. The initiators of the award ceremony were particularly pleased that Rainald Franz gave a lecture on the topic “In search of style, to enhance taste”.

Text: Editor, Photos: NDU, Partik & Fürst

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