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First understand, then invest! Whether you are your own mining farm or hosting for crypto mines, you should first check the profitability of your chosen crypto miners. To check your investment properly, you can use our profitability calculator. We developed this for you to play through different constellations.

You can find out everything you need to know about this topic in the following lines.

How high is your planned investment?

Would you like to put a unit in your basement, maybe three to 20 crypto miners in the hosting area, or would you like to run your own mining operation? You can easily answer this question yourself. It depends on your investment and your willingness to take care of your own crypto mining farm on your own.

Your options with different investments

Investment from EUR 10,000.00

At this level, it makes the most sense to give your investment to hosting. With a single cryptominer, you could of course also put it in your basement at home. Make sure that there is a suitable power connection and that the electricity price is as low as possible. There is good air circulation, including cooling options, and the premises are clean. Furthermore, noise pollution should not be neglected. Averaging 80 dB in continuous operation, the units should be operated in a suitable location.

With hosting through us, you don’t have to worry about anything. You only pay a hosting fee and the actual electricity consumption. The hosting fee includes expenses for rental expenses, cooling, security, shelves, power connection, etc.

Investment from EUR 500,000.00

From EUR 500,000.00 you could certainly think of your own mining operation in a suitable location. Here, however, the costs of the necessary power connection and given, if an extension of the transformer, must be taken into account. The costs for installation etc. can quickly double your investment. If you need a container because there is no space at the favorable electricity location, you must calculate additional costs in the three-digit range.

With hosting you would also have no work in this case and save a significant amount of money. The money can be invested in crypto miners, which in turn make money for you.

Another option, which exists from a significantly larger investment volume in the millions, is to run your own mining operation – without work – also via our hosting. Own yard access and technical access included. This is available with us from an electricity price of 0.0475 øre.

The right choice of miners

Once you have decided on your investment, you need to decide on suitable crypto miners. A difficult task because you have to commit to one cryptocurrency per device when you buy it. It can’t be that easy with ups and downs in the price trend.

Much harder when you buy a miner than when you buy 10 units. As with a good ETF share, the risk can be spread. If you don’t just commit to one stock, but from a solid mix, the whole thing becomes more stable. As a wise man said: “It is harder to stand on one foot, but much easier on two.” If you split it between several different crypto miners, the return is slightly lower, but safer.

If you bet everything on one currency, the risk is significantly higher, but it can also be more profitable.

In the end, of course, the decision is yours, we are happy to help you with the choice of miner and are available with advice and action.

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