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In “DC League of Super-Pets,” Batman and Superman are caught in the clutches of an evil guinea pig

It’s what you call love at first sight. A baby with big eyes and a loyal puppy From the moment Superman and the dog Krypto meet, it’s clear that the two will be friends for life. But the idyll of the animated strip “DC League of Super-Pets” is deceptive: after a few sweet moments of friendship, the dog with superpowers is suddenly only second fiddle to the savior of Metropolis. Superman wants to marry his girlfriend Lois Lane, and the four-legged friend feels left out. While the dog is still being insulted with ice cream in front of the television, the guinea pig hits Lulu. The former laboratory animal has been waiting for world domination for a long time. The ugly, furless rodent makes short work of kidnapping Superman and the other Justice League heroes.

In the animated adventure, Jared Stern lets animals take on the role of superheroes. The American filmmaker also worked on the script for “The Lego Batman Movie” and now dedicates himself again to the heroic world of DC with “Super Pets”. In doing so, he reverses many popular motifs: villains are more or less fluffy guinea pigs and a cat. Merton the turtle suddenly becomes a racing turtle after an accident with the fictional mineral kryptonite.

But Justice League fans don’t need to miss a grumpy Batman (voiced by Torsten Sträter), a brilliant final fight and Superman’s adversary, Lex Luthor. Stern creates different identification characters for his young audience with the anxious chipmunk Chip, the overexcited pig PB who worships all superheroes, and the dog Ace, who ended up as a puppy after a tragic story. The main character Krypto changes, and it is unfortunately very predictable, from the arrogant sociopath to the leader of his new group of friends.

“DC League of Super-Pets” features some exciting animal fights and entertaining moments, like when Krypto tries to chat with “normal dogs” or Ace enthusiastically calls a bidet a dog fountain.

The film from Warner Bros. want a little too much: The message that you can win with friendship and love is for the heart, but not new. And for that, she is then drummed into the audience with the sledgehammer method: A conversation about love at sunset and the right animal companions for any superhero may be a little too much of a good thing for adult viewers. The target audience, children from the age of six, will definitely like the film with the happy and clumsy group of pets and famous cartoon heroes. (dpa)

“DC League of Super Pets”
USA 2022, 105 min., animated film
Manager: Jared Stern,
German Voices: Enissa Amani, Tahnee, Torsten Sträter, Emilia Schüle, 6 years and up

Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment/dpa

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