Bergisch Gladbach welcomes the Children’s Life Run with a large program

More than six hundred young and old people have signed up for the Bergisch stage of the Kinder-Lebens-Lauf, which leads from Langenfeld to Cologne and stops in Bergisch Gladbach several times. The campaign must be a strong example for children’s hospice work. Highlights include a large family festival at Konrad-Adenauer-Platz and a music festival at the Church of Grace.

In the Bergisch Gladbach region, the Children’s Life Run begins on Thursday (August 4) at 1 p.m. in Herz-Jesu-Kirche in Schildgen. At 14.45 a parade starts through the pedestrian street to Konrad-Adenauer-Platz in the city center in front of the RheinBerg gallery.

The program at a glance

Thursday, August 4

  • 13:00 Start of the running stage Schildgen – Bergisch Gladbach (in the middle).
  • 14.00 Arrival of the convoy of vintage cars at Konrad-Adenauer-Platz
  • 14:45: Parade from RheinBerg Gallery to the market
  • 15.00 Opening of the family festival on the market
  • 18.00 music festival in Nådekirken’s church garden
  • 18:30 race stage Gladbach to VPH in Bensberg (through the Hardt forest area)

Friday, August 5

  • 14.00 the running stage Bensberg – Refrath (through Königsforst)

Saturday, August 6

  • 10.00 race stage Refrath – Cologne (Rheinpark), last party

More details about the course of the race can be found in this article

At around 3 p.m., Deputy Mayor Maria Scheerer, on behalf of the city, welcomes the participants to the market square and opens the family festival for the children’s life race. A number of socially active organizations present themselves at this family festival and offer fantastic games for children.

Hoppeborg, painting competition, dream vehicle and vintage car

BELKAW will set up a bouncy castle where the little ones can let off steam. Skill games, craft corners and face painting are just part of the colorful offer for the whole family.

A painting competition will be held for the creative children, with attractive prizes for the whole family.

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“Angel Torch” in the Children’s Race makes a stop in GL

Kinder-Lebens-Lauf 2022 was started in Berlin in April, with thousands of runners covering more than 7,000 kilometers around Germany in October. The angel torch, the symbol of children’s hospice work, is carried from children’s hospice to children’s hospice. Hits fürs Hospiz eV is still looking for participants for the route from Langenfeld via Bergisch Gladbach to Cologne.

Meanwhile, the elderly can take a look at the Bergisches Wunschmobil right next door. With this specially converted vehicle, Hits fürs Hospiz fulfills the special travel wishes of sick people. Right next door, you can win delicious toys in a raffle at Hits fürs Hospiz.

But even before then there will be a special attraction at Konrad-Adenauer-Platz. At around 2 p.m., we are expecting a convoy of vintage cars that will drive towards the center of Gladbach parallel to the running group.

Music evening in Nådekirken’s church garden

The festival at Konrad-Adenauer-Platz ends around 6pm to make way for one more attraction. At the same time, at 18:00, a special musical festival for the Children’s Life Run starts right nearby, at the Gnadenkirche.

In the church garden behind the Gnadenkirche, the hospice at EVK together with the Gnadenkirche and Quirls presents a musical evening with Pütz & Bänd, the duo Claudia Groß & Jan Weigelt and the two local heroes Duo Pascal. Admission to the event is free; but donations are appreciated!

Exam in Cologne’s Rhein-Park

The third festival of the Children’s Life Run 2022 takes place in Cologne’s Rheinpark. In the beer garden of the renovated Rheinpark-Café, Hits fürs Hospiz presents a “Cologne Finale”. Among others, Marita Köllner, “Klimpermännchen” Thomas Cüpper and “Flöckchen” will be there. Then Werstener Musikkompagni plays. There is also free entry here and donations are welcome.

After more than 70 kilometers, the six-day part of the children’s life through the Bergisches Land, which was organized by Hits for hospice, ends with the festival in the Rheinparken.

The Angel Torch will be handed over to the Erftstadt Hospice at the reception in Cologne City Hall by Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker, North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul and Paul Falk, Chairman of the Board of Hits for Hospice. The people of Erftstadt then carry the Angel torch across the Rhine to Neuss.

Over 7000 kilometers for the children’s hospice work

The children’s life cycle then continues for 62 days. On October 8, 2022, the Angel Torch will return to where it started on April 7 for World Hospice Day in Berlin. Several thousand runners covered more than 7,000 km across Germany. They have left a mark everywhere for the valuable children’s hospice work.

Further information: / www.hits-fü

Background: Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e. V. (BVKH) is an umbrella organization for outpatient and inpatient children’s hospices in Germany. The association was founded in 2002. It is based in Berlin and has an office in Lenzkirch in the Black Forest.

As a professional association, it is the point of contact for politics, science, doctors, clinics, payers, donors and sponsors. Members of the association are outpatient and inpatient children’s hospices as well as organizations and private individuals who are associated with children’s hospices and promote their interests.

In 2018, BVKH carried out the first nationwide children’s life race to draw attention to the difficult situation for seriously ill children and young people in Germany. The second nationwide Children’s Life Run ends on “World Hospice Day” on October 8 again in Berlin.

Further information:

Background: hits for Hospiz eV is a voluntary, non-profit initiative founded by Paul Falk and based in Overath. Born out of the idea of ​​collecting donations for the expansion of the too small hospice at Bensberg’s Vinzenz Pallotti Hospital through charity concerts, the first of five charity concerts took place on 26 August 2007 under the title “Hits fürs Hospiz”.

The first funding measure, the expansion of the hospice in Bensberg, was successfully completed in 2010. Since then, additional local hospice projects have been initiated by Hits for the hospice, and existing offers have been expanded. With donations of more than 1.5 million euros, a number of institutions and local organizations in the region between Cologne, Gummersbach, Bonn and Wuppertal were supported and with their help many people with life-shortening illnesses were helped.

Since 2015, helping children and young people with life-threatening illnesses has been another focus of our work:

  • Development and financing of local counseling centers for affected families.
  • Funding of outpatient and 24-hour facilities to accompany and support those affected in everyday life as well as during the illness, death and bereavement phase.
  • Placement of voluntary companions for practical support in everyday life and for discussions with the aim of improving the quality of life for those affected.
  • Provision of material help and advice in life or illness-related crises.
  • Provision of vehicles, aids and communication equipment suitable for disabled people.
  • Funding of relief costs.
  • Promotion of rehabilitation measures. – Help to participate in social life through transport and escort.
  • Financing of holiday and recreational measures.
  • Promotion of leisure activities for grieving children and young people.
  • Day trips and short trips with “Bergisches Wunschmobil” Further information: www.hits-fü and

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