A young fan base: followers with heart, passion and identification

“Baroque City Brigade”

A young fan base: followers with heart, passion and identification

Archive photos: ON/Hendrik Urbin – The baroque city brigade supports the team in every match

01/08/2022 – “Who builds a fan scene in the Hessenliga?” asked Sebastian Möller recently. The manager and all of SG Barockstadt Fulda-Lehnerz – meanwhile promoted in the regional league – can consider themselves lucky to have such supporters behind them. What is meant is the baroque city brigade, which was founded three years ago. In addition, it has the power of identification, stands for social concerns and carries a Fulda heart. In short: positive ticking football fans.

September 7, 2019 as birth hour – “It has built up” September 7, 2019 is considered the birth hour of the baroque city Brigade. The SGB football team played in Stadtallendorf – and the fans followed them in two 50s buses. They made some atmosphere, sang, “just the simple things”. On the way back, the group of fans took the initiative. It was “a nice story”, a good experience, the setting was right. Until the supporters came up with the name “Baroque City Brigade”. “It built up,” the fans look back on their development. It is one of the many teams that stand behind the team on the pitch. Or should it be better said: The team belongs to the team? Today there are 20 to 25 members. The number of members varies. Sometimes there are more.

So almost three years have passed. Not only has the size of the group changed, with pride in their voices and full of awareness they announce that they have built a “small network”. How is it then: He knows him – and he knows him. “We are local patriots. And we do it with passion.” For them, the game day doesn’t start at 2pm, “for us it’s more”. You will meet before. Fence flags are then the subject. double holder. And other ideas on how to support the team.

The team …

Social work with a difference. Social work in the middle of Fulda People meet. Exchanges. organizes itself. Have an open ear for each other. When one of them is in trouble, you know who will help and who you can trust. The group catches you. Be that as it may, if one of them has problems. Be it when you move. The others just help. If you are not doing so well financially, the others support you. The impression is not misleading: the group is very strong among themselves. Social work with a difference. Social work in the middle of Fulda.

The joint club life with the board, the youth teams and the team works. “We have a good relationship with each other. We get along really well and have been to many youth matches and supported the boys according to the brigade. In the week before the season opener against Steinbach Haiger, you will “with Prepare the stadium for security.” It is very well known for each other.

For the new season, we are looking forward to away trips and the new guests in Fulda. “There are many big clubs in the regional league, some of which bring a few fans with them. We want to make new contacts and have a beer with other fans before and after the game. We are really looking forward to it.”

Of fan culture and ultra oriented group. appreciation of the team

A sense of community and cohesion counts in the “Brigade”, and from the start the goal was “to create a group that identifies with the team, the club and the city”. The city of Fulda will be happy to hear that. The “Baroque Bybrigaden” sees itself “very clearly as an ultra-oriented group” – which, however, clearly distances itself from violence and excludes itself. The focus is on sport, fan culture and support for the team. “We’re always open to new faces. We haven’t turned anyone away yet.”

Appreciation? “We get them,” the group assesses, “we are a fully integrated part of the club, the team on the pitch – and us in the stands.” No wonder Sebastian Möller gives back a lot in terms of give and take. “The board, the team and I think it’s great. The boys are great. It’s a young fan base that has established itself with the existing fans.” You just need a gamete, “with a few positively crazy people – and then something amazing can come out of it”. (week) +++

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