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54 girls and boys cannot be accommodated in one of Lindenberg’s day care centers in the autumn. The city is investing millions in new spaces.

Peter Mittemeier

31/07/2022 | Status: 12:05

54 boys and girls will not get a place in one of the day care facilities in Lindenberg in September. This was stated by Mayor Eric Ballerstedt in response to questions from Andreas Strehlke from the SPD local association in the citizens’ assembly. However, it is not so much the space that is missing, but above all the educators. “The situation is problematic for all airlines. There are simply too few people willing to do this work,” said Ballerstedt.

The city is in the process of increasing the number of places in kindergartens and nurseries. She invested just under eight million euros in a few years – according to Ballerstedt, she herself had to pay 4.7 million euros of it.

Construction of a new kindergarten in Lindenberg is planned

The construction of a kindergarten in Peter Dörfler-Straße is currently planned. A total of 80 places will be created, of which 15 will be in a forest nursery. The expansion of St. The Luzia nursery also starts next week. Two additional groups are planned for children up to three years of age. Two other major projects are planned in the medium term: On the one hand, the municipality wants to renovate the Nikolaus kindergarten or replace it with a new building – the building is from the 1950s – on the other hand, a daycare center with, among other things, a total of 65 spaces are to be built at Nadenberg. The project is related to the development of the former resort town.

After completion of the building project, there will be 495 places in the day care center in Lindenberg. However, this does not change the fact that some parents cannot place their boys and girls in one of the facilities from September. This applies to 26 girls and boys in the nursery area – i.e. children between the ages of three and six. According to the city administration, there is room for 24 in one of the facilities, but according to Ballerstedt, six teachers are currently missing for various reasons. It is not possible to simply have more children looked after in the groups. The supervision key is provided.

The lack of staff also has consequences for the nursery, where children up to the age of three are looked after. There are 28 more girls and boys registered than are actually accommodated. As a 15-year-old, it is due to a lack of educators. A further nine cannot initially be accommodated due to work on the extension of the nursery. But that was to change in October.

All day care centers in Lindenberg are run by the church

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SPD local chairman Andreas Strehlke made the topic via a written question about a topic in the citizens’ meeting. He wanted to know how many children cannot be cared for, even though they have the right to it. He also set about creating an urban community for childcare. It could then lend staff to the facilities. The SPD local association apparently sees an opportunity to recruit educators if they are employed in the city. All day care centers in Lindenberg are currently run by the church.

From the city administration’s point of view, such a care company would not solve the problem. Ballerstedt said all providers, whether churches or communities, had the same problems. He ruled out a city maintenance company for other reasons. On the one hand, it does not make sense from the children’s point of view if the pedagogues change, on the other hand, it is a legal issue to hire employees. The city cannot do that. “We are not a temporary agency.”

In fact, the problem is not limited to Lindenberg and the district. According to media surveys, there is a shortage of around 6,000 teachers throughout Bavaria.

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