How to make the bored monkeys less “boring”?

The NFT market is hoping for a second spring in the ongoing crypto market crisis. That the necessary interest is still there can be seen from the fact that leading NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, LooksRare and Magic Eden are still registering high trading volumes.

So, there is still no end in sight to the demand and hence creative NFT collections with flashy designs and innovative ideas will not die out anytime soon. On the contrary, one can now even say that the much-hyped market – where a few have fought for the media’s attention – has now become a large robust ecosystem. So it’s no wonder that rap legends Eminem and Snoop Dogg recently immortalized NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection in their new music video.

Speaking of which, there is one very specific feature that immediately catches the eye with BAYC, and that is the monkeys looking bored. Stylish, cool in its own way, but boring.

Aren’t NFTs exciting enough?

Of course, this is not to say that the designers at BAYC are uninspired and unimaginative, because the digital monkeys are actually quite hip and innovative, but overall it should be noted that the majority of NFTs just repeat an established pattern over and over again. Some are basically nothing more than glorified JPEGs with no real added value.

After all, BAYC offers its owners exclusive treats, so they can participate in special events, for example. An example of this is ApeCoin, which was distributed as a gift to BAYC owners this year. The upcoming NFT game Otherside is also an exclusive part of the BAYC ecosystem.

However, it somehow makes it clear that NFT communities exist in a way that is separate from each other. So each NFT collection has its own world and no one has yet set about building a bridge.

But how can this be built? Do all NFT fans have to buy an NFT from another community just to be a member of it? Isn’t there a better solution?

Metaverse and a good story

Metaverse may be one of the answers to these questions as the digital crypto universe has the potential to bring NFT communities together. However, given the status quo of the NFT market, Metaverse has a huge task ahead of it in this regard.

Is there another solution? Where can another solution start? With a good story.

As an example: How could boredom be banished from the bored monkeys? A lot of money? A big adventure? girlfriends?

What if there was another club specifically aimed at providing suitable mates for the male apes? How about a Lady Ape Club?

It would even be conceivable that there is an entire community of NFT owners who use Bored Apes and Lady Apes to indicate their relationship status. So the owner of a BAYC-NFT might be looking for a woman who has the perfect Lady Ape to match her Monkey. There may also be dating apps that use BAYC and Lady Apes as avatars for profiles instead of requiring users to post photos. The possibilities are unlimited.

So believe it or not, there is at least one platform that has set itself the goal of extinguishing Bored Apes with matching Lady Apes. When does this start?


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