MultiVersus Tier List: Best Characters

The fighting game “MultiVersus” got off to a flying start with its open beta on Steam and immediately became the most popular genre representative on the platform. The free platform brawler currently features 17 characters from popular media and even the real world. The crisp gameplay and very friendly business model, combined with the cool characters, created a positive first impression for many players.

As casual as the game may be due to its focus on 2v2 matches, it’s ultimately about winning. For this “MultiVersusanimal list that best grades.

MultiVersus Tier List: Best Characters

The tier list ranks all of the game’s characters into S, A, B, and C ranks, with the S tier being the strongest category. “MultiVersus” is still young, so the characters are currently very different on many websites.

The ranking here, on the other hand, is based on the average ranking of the characters on five other tier lists and aims to compensate for premature over- and under-rating that occurs naturally in the early stages of a game.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn in “Multi Versus”.

  • Average rank: 1.0

Harley Quinn is the most annoying type of character in a game like this: she’s incredibly fast and has a lot of abilities that knock back her opponents and break their rhythm.


Batman in MultiVersus.

Batman in “Multi Versus”.

  • Average ranking: 1.6

While the Dark Avenger has great potential, the cooldown on his gadgets often gets in his way. Additionally, he relies heavily on vertical attacks, which also limits him. However, users appreciate its speed and flexibility.

Jake the dog

Jake the Dog in MultiVersus.

Jake the Dog in “MultiVersus”.

  • Average rank: 2.0

Jake uses his spaghetti limbs to great effect to harass opponents with punches and set up combos from a distance while staying safe.

Find the human

Find the Human in MultiVersus.

Find the Human in “MultiVersus”.

  • Average ranking: 2.2

Finn gets stronger as the game progresses while collecting gold. He also blocks projectiles and moves while attacking to keep opponents under constant pressure.


Shaggy in MultiVersus.

Shaggy in “Multi Versus”.

  • Average ranking: 2.2

Not only does Shaggy have very versatile attacks that make him an effective attacker in many scenarios, he also heals allies and increases their attack damage.


Taz in MultiVersus.

Taz in “Multi Versus”.

  • Average ranking: 2.2

Taz has powerful tornado attacks, but with the right counters their impact wears off quickly. It is quite tame in the air and only really effective on the ground.

super man

Superman in the Multiverse.

Superman in “Multi Versus”.

  • Average ranking: 2.4

Speed ​​is the Man of Steel’s kryptonite: his attacks are powerful but slow, and his aerial grabs are effective but highly predictable.

LeBron James

LeBron in MultiVersus.

LeBron in “Multi Versus”.

  • Average ranking: 2.5

Of course, basketball star LeBron uses his rig to the fullest, resulting in some very powerful recoil movements. This gives him a respectful distance to his opponent.

Bugs bunny

Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus.

Bugs Bunny in “MultiVersus”.

  • Average ranking: 2.6

Everyone’s favorite cartoon rabbit has moves for every situation and is therefore prepared for all possible scenarios. Whether it’s melee or distance, Bugs Bunny has an answer.

Arya Stark

Arya Stark in MultiVersus.

Arya Stark in “MultiVersus”.

  • Average ranking: 2.6

Arya stuns her opponents and then steals attacks, somewhat reminiscent of Kirby from “Smash Bros.” remind of. She is agile and has varied abilities, making her versatile.

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Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus.

Tom and Jerry in “MultiVersus”.

  • Average ranking: 2.8

While Tom & Jerry focus on long range combat, they hit hard at close range. The individual targeting of the ranged attacks gives the duo a high degree of control.

wonder Woman

Wonder Woman in MultiVersus.

Wonder Woman in “MultiVersus”.

  • Average ranking: 2.8

The Amazon has an interesting support set: it defends itself and its allies against ranged and melee attacks, thereby increasing its own offensive over time.


Grenade in MultiVersus.

Grenade in “Multi Versus”.

  • Average ranking: 3.6

Grenade is very close, so ranged fighters are often helpless if their team doesn’t intervene. However, it has a high combination potential.


Velma in MultiVersus.

Velma in “Multi Versus”.

  • Average ranking: 3.6

Velma is practically the opposite of Garnet: she has to keep opponents at bay or take a heavy beating. While exercising space control, her damage is low.


Reindog in MultiVersus.

Reindog in “Multi Versus”.

  • Average ranking: 3.8

Reindog is a very frustrating character for his opponents, but lacks the moves to actually bring opponents to their knees. He definitely needs a good team.

Steven Universe

Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

Steven Universe in “MultiVersus”.

  • Average ranking: 3.8

Mr. Steven Universe suffers from ability cooldowns similar to Batman, limiting his effectiveness. Users must convey any use of their skills perfectly to the man or woman.

Iron giant

Iron Giant in MultiVersus.

Iron Giant in “MultiVersus”.

  • Average ranking: 3.8

As you can probably imagine, the Iron Giant hits with great force, but is very slow. The character’s large hitbox makes him a very easy target, while his own attacks often go wrong.

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