195,000 euros for children on the move

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“2nd Felix & Friends Invitational”: EUR 195,000 for kids on the go


  • Felix Neureuther’s charity golf tournament took place for the second time at Beuerberg Golf Club
  • Sensational amount donated to the Felix Neureuther Foundation’s program “Move smart!”

At the end of the evening, there was 195,000 euros on the donation cheque, which the former top ski racer Felix Neureuther gave at the award ceremony of “2. Felix & Friends Invitational” golf charity tournament at Golf Club Beuerberg. These feed into the Felix Neureuther Foundation’s “Move yourself smart!” program, which gives children of kindergarten and primary school age access to more exercise and a health-oriented lifestyle.

In fantastic weather, a total of 72 players from 18 teams competed against each other at the wonderful Beuerberg Golf Club to decide the winner of the charity golf event “Felix & Friends Invitational 2022”, which was held for the second time.

Special thanks to this year’s partners who made the day possible. Allianz Kunde und Markt GmbH, AUDI AG, UNIQE toothbrush, Physioline GmbH, ERL Immobilien AG, Braunschweiger Privatbank, EAGLES Charity Golf eV, Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels, Marktinvest International SA, Ahead Wealth Solutions AG.

In the end, the “Felix-Fauli” team came out on top and won in the team ranking and the teams “Felix-Neureuther-Stiftung” (2nd place), “Physioline GmbH” and “lübMEDIA GmbH” (both 3rd place) ). ) referred to their places. Felix Neureuther thus repeated his strong second place from the previous year. The gross victory went to Dr. Stephan Werner from UNIQE toothbrush.

The famous group of participants was completed by the moderator and former athlete Norbert Dobeleit, former European indoor high jump champion Carlo Thränhardt, former tennis pro Charly Steeb, ski jumping legend Dieter Thoma, BMX professional Senad Grosic and the two chairmen of the fit4future foundation Germany Robert Lübenoff and Jürgen Brinkmann.

But in addition to golf at a high level and a wonderful day surrounded by friends of the Neureuther family, the focus was primarily on the good cause: a total of 195,000 euros was collected as part of the charity golf tournament, which was donated to e.g. scientifically based training program “Beg schlau! with Felix Neureuther”.

“It’s unbelievable how much money I raised for my second charity golf tournament. Not only did we have a fantastic day of golf here in Beuerberg, but with this amount we are making a real difference in the lives of the children who can now benefit from my training programme. I would like to thank all participants and collaborators for their contribution and their big heart,” said Felix Neureuther, who accepted the donation check at the award ceremony.

“Move smart!” (BDS) aims to teach children to enjoy movement and to lay the foundations for a health-oriented life. Physical health, mental balance and cognitive performance are promoted through playful movement exercises that activate the head and body at the same time. The education consists of the modules “BDS Kita” (children aged 1 to 3 and 4 to 6 years), “BDS Campus” (primary school) and “BDS Holidays” and promotes motor, cognitive and physical development through age-appropriate perception and movement impulses emotional- social development. The program also contains suggestions and digital content for educators, teachers and parents. More information: Website (bewegdichschlau.com)

Image source: Brauer Photos/Juri Reetz

Felix Neureuther Foundation

The Felix Neureuther Foundation was founded in 2020 with the aim of making an active contribution, taking responsibility and contributing to a healthier and more sustainable world. The focus is on supporting children and young people. With the training program “Move smart! with Felix Neureuther”, the foundation for a health-oriented lifestyle is laid in childhood. The foundation is also committed to conveying the values ​​of health, nature, family, humanity and sustainability. More information: https://www.felix-neureuther-stiftung.de

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