Tips for a relaxed drive

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Traveling with children: tips for a relaxed road trip

Bored in the backseat? Long car journeys can be a test of patience for children. The travel reporter has collected a few tips so that mum and dad arrive relaxed with the package to the holiday destination.

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When will we finally get there? Any driver who travels with children has probably heard this phrase enough from the back seat. And indeed, a long car ride can sometimes drag on like chewing gum.

But with a few simple tricks, that doesn’t have to be the case – and the car journey will be just as relaxed for mum, dad and the children.

A family can enjoy themselves in the car – even if the journey sometimes takes a long time.

1. Make yourself and your children as comfortable as possible

Sitting still in the same position for a long time is uncomfortable for adults and even more so for children. It is more comfortable with comfortable clothes and loose shoes. So avoid tight jeans for yourself and your children and slip into cool leggings instead. Also, if your children have long hair, do not tie them in a ponytail as this will make it impossible to rest their heads comfortably.

The child seat must also be installed correctly and the restraint system installed correctly, otherwise it will be extremely uncomfortable to sit in the car in the long run.

2. Have appropriate entertainment on hand

Many children love stories, but reading them aloud while driving often makes adult readers uncomfortable. It is easier to download a larger selection of audiobooks before the journey and thus save travel time.

Always with you: A toy or stuffed animal can also be distracting on long journeys.

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Travel games can also provide distraction:

  • One of the classics is “I see something you don’t see”
  • Makes up crazy stories: A family member starts telling a story. After three sentences, it’s the next person’s turn to add three sentences and so on – creating crazy stories that you can laugh at together
  • Forming word chains: One person in the car says a compound noun, that is, a compound word, for example “back seat”, the next person forms a new compound noun from the second part of the word, for example “seat meat”, then the next person takes person the last part of the word and forms zum Example “kødbouillon” and so on
  • The A-to-Z game: First you think of a category, for example animals, food or countries. Then it takes turns: the first names a representative of the category that starts with A, the next looks for a suitable word that starts with the letter B, and so on
  • Auto bingo – for all children who are not prone to motion sickness: the children first write down different car brands on a playing field that is three by three or four by four. As soon as they see one of the marks written down, cross off the respective box. Whoever can cross a whole row off first wins. The game also works with license plates.
  • Number plate pro weden: Whoever can correctly assign the most vehicle number plates wins – and after the drive gets an ice cream at the expense of the losers. You can practice in advance with our license plate quiz.