The restaurant guide “Gault&Millau” honors Pirna design hotel

The restaurant guide “Gault&Millau” honors Pirna design hotel

There is one of the most sought-after chef’s hats for the restaurant “Lazy Laurich” in the Laurichhof. It is not the first prize for restaurant and hostel.

Desirable prize for Laurichhof: A “Gault&Millau” chef’s hat corresponds to the rating “recommended”.
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The testers came incognito and also remained unrecognized. No one knows exactly when they were there, but that is also the purpose of their mission. It can’t be that long ago, though, and the examiners apparently tasted their way through baked lentil balls, herb-crusted beef tenderloin and truffle cream savoy cabbage, and apparently there was also some good wine.

The kitchen at the stylish design hotel cultivates a down-to-earth approach with regional products, according to the tests after the feast, the dishes are prepared in a very sophisticated way and partly internationally inspired. They also praised the garden terrace and the friendly service. And a little later, they left behind what is one of the most coveted awards in the catering and hotel industry.

The restaurant “Lazy Laurich” in the Pirna design hotel “Laurichhof” on the main square in Copitz can now call a “Gault&Millau” chef’s boutique its own. The restaurant guide “Gault&Millau” is considered to be the most influential restaurant guide of French origin next to the “Guide Michelin”. Next to Michelin stars, chef’s toques are the most coveted honor in fine dining, haute cuisine. The joy is correspondingly great.

No posh

The award-winning chef’s hat in black for “Dovne Laurich” means “recommended”, a great honor for hotel owner Annette Katrin Seidel, but also for head chef Sören Oertel and restaurant manager Stefanie Schäfer. And unlike the Michelin guide, which mainly focuses on menu and taste, “Gault&Millau” goes further because the testers also assess the atmosphere of e.g. a restaurant.

“This award means a lot to us, we are very happy about it,” says Franz Philip Seidel, responsible for hotel marketing. The whole team is incredibly happy and grateful for the “Gault&Millau” chef’s hat. It is a great incentive to continue on the path you have chosen.

But Laurichhof does not necessarily aspire to additional honors of this kind, such as a Michelin star. “We don’t want to offer pure, sophisticated gourmet cuisine with small fancy portions that no one can fill,” says Seidel.

look inside

A look into “Lazy Laurich”: The atmosphere in the restaurant also plays a role in awarding the prize.
© Marko Foerster

The fourth prize for Laurichhof

On the contrary, the hotel’s restaurant wants to continue serving decent portions that will satisfy everyone, consisting of regional products, all interpreted in a modern way. “This is exactly what our guests appreciate about us,” says Seidel. The kitchen wants to continue to act freely and creatively and not give in to the constant pressure of constantly delivering haute cuisine.

“Lazy Laurich” is only the second restaurant in Saxon Switzerland to receive such a gastro honor. So far, only the restaurant “Felsenbirne” on Langen Straße in Pirna has held a “Gault&Millau” cookbook.

Overall, the current price is the fourth price for hotel and restaurant. In 2020, Laurichhof received the German Design Award in the interior architecture category from the German Design Council. In the spring of 2021, the financial group “Ostdeutscher Sparkassenverband” honored the house with the marketing award “Lighthouse of the Tourism Industry”. And in autumn 2021, the hostel received the “Iconic Award”, which honors outstanding architectural and design solutions. The construction of the Laurichhof with its 27 suites cost around five million euros and the hostel went into operation in the summer of 2019.

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