Doors without handles: The three biggest annoyances in modern cars

Fumble alarm and handle-less doors: The three most annoying design failures in modern cars

There has always been a herd instinct in automotive design: someone sets an example, and everyone else thinks they absolutely must copy it. Tesla in particular is often copied, but there is little reason for that. The three worst bad habits in modern cars.

Progress is unstoppable! Our cars become safer, cleaner and more comfortable. Countless airbags protect passengers in the event that the automatic braking systems are no longer able to avoid a collision. When reversing, cameras and parking beepers ensure that you don’t run over grandma on the pavement or the neighbour’s cat. Catalysts also filter the last pollutant out of the exhaust gas. Electric cars speed through the streets without any direct emissions. Instead of workshops, there are more and more wireless updates “over the air”, and instead of micro-screens with pixel maps, there are colorful XXL screens with a home theater atmosphere.

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And yet all that glitters in the modern automotive world is not always gold. FOCUS Online mentions three things that have “eaten up” as a really bad design habit among many manufacturers – and which the car manufacturers should rather save in the future.

1. Doors without handles? Away with it!

Tesla did it with the Model 3, others followed suit, for example BMW with its electric cruiser iX or Ford with the Mustang Mach-e: the doors open only at the touch of a button, either from the inside or even from the outside like the Mustang. With its recessed door handle, Tesla has made opening the door a real fumbling process, even from the outside. The reason for this bad design habit is a “cleaner” look – but in the end it’s probably just the desire to be hip.

But in practice it’s just annoying, not only because you now need two movements to open it. It simply feels unsafe when you no longer have a real handle to open it. In fact, there has already been a case in the US where a man burned to death in his Tesla because a police officer could not open the door from the outside. There is a manual emergency release via a lever – but who can find it fast enough in an emergency? So, dear car manufacturers, off with the nonsense. Normal door handles belong in a car, both inside and out.

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2. Touch screen instead of button: Savings at the wrong end

With new VW models, but also with many other cars, it is extremely annoying when you only want to set the temperature and ventilation and have to use a painstaking virtual touchscreen to do it. The car manufacturers may sell it as modern, but of course it also saves them money.

However, the shot backfires. The VW Golf, for example, just got the fat off because of its virtual fumble function in a major operational test by ADAC. Even with a large touchscreen, a car still needs buttons, at least for the most important functions: lights, air conditioning, volume control.

3. Cameras as rearview mirrors: nobody asked for it

“Vorsprung durch Technik” is Audi’s motto, but sometimes even the hardest-working PR blather can’t explain what an advantage cameras must have instead of, say, exterior mirrors. Audi has thus set a supposed trend – which in practice fails completely: The camera image is more annoying than it helps, distances can hardly be estimated and the bragging factor (“Look my car has cameras in the side mirrors”) quickly disappears. . By the way: Only a few Audi customers order the virtual side mirrors for their cars. The best argument for the car manufacturers to quickly banish this wrong path to the curiosities of the company museum.

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